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Bono’s Interactive Experience with Bree Olson

He posts to ADT:

Well fans I’m fresh back from a two day quickie out to porn valley to catch the last two days of the big Zero Tolerance Interactive Sex with Bree Olson shoot! First off I have to thank Quasarman for letting me come on set and another special thanks to Bree for letting me watch and well fans you will certainly want to pic this one up if you’re a Bree fan. I missed the first two days where she did a scene with Courtney Cummz and then on the second day she did three scenes with three different guys– all nude.

The first day I was on set she did the same three guys from the day before but this time she wore different outfits– Cheerleader with serious nods to Laker colors, a hot blue/ white bikini, and then a sorta school girl outfit. The scenes consisted of vag and anal with separate pops for each. The cocks used belonged to Chris Charming, Trent Soluri, and James Deen. The first day ended with a shared bj with Courtney and the girls swallowed up the schlong belonging to Sasha. It was long day but Bree did fine and credit has to go to the fine crew Quaze assembled and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole process unfold. It’s not as easy as you think to get the lighting just the way you want it, sometimes taking close to 1/2 hour to get it just right.

Day 2 was the last day for the 4 day shoot and this was the Extras disc. You get some quick 10 minute scenes with James and Trent taking on Bree– sorry no dp’s but plenty of anal and cock sucking. Bree also did a hot shower solo tease and watching her suds up that spectacular body was quite a sight, the line to towel her off was very very long!! You also get a superb g/g with Bree and Celeste Star with serious nods to the Viv Thomas style meaning lots of kissing and oral with no toys used– this was perhaps my fave scene shot for obvious reasons. We ended the day with Bree taking on one last stud and his name escapes me but they fucked pretty hard’n’fast on a desktop with some vag and finally more anal leading to Bree taking perhaps her best single load I saw right into her mouth, swallowed and that was it. I’ll be very anxious to see the final product when it’s released in a few months and fans of Bree will most certainly want to snap this up. I’d wanted to see Bree in action for some time ever since I saw her in late 2006 and this experience was one of my fave on set. Bree has a natural charm that is so apparant and comes right on her face and body when the camera lights up. Congrats to Quaze and the folks at Zero Tolerance for making a superb selection for your next Interactive Sex model and Bree’s Interactive will be one to pick up once it hits the shelves.

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