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Bound Heat “Lesbian themed Women in Prison movies” Director Lloyd A Simandl- Interviewed

We all know companies such as Marc Dorcel and Viv Thomas that use East  European performers. How many people though have heard of Bound Heat? This Canadian company has a studio in the Czech Republic that makes what can be best described as soft core fetish and sapphic erotica videos. Each film is the personal vision of director Lloyd A Simandl.   Read on to discover more about him….

by Jon


We are a Canadian company in business for over 25 years producing full length feature films of all genres. We also operate via our Czech
based company, a large film production studio facility in the Czech Republic. We have successfully distributed all of our films worldwide via our Canadian offices through traditional means for many years prior to the advent of accessible internet technology.

We then created a separate division entitled Bound Heat Films to deal exclusively in the genre of Sapphic Erotica and Women in Prison films. This line of films began with our internationally successful hit
Chained Heat 2 which was released in the US by New Line Cinema some years ago and which remains a huge cult favorite today.

We have based our operation for Bound Heat Films in the Czech Republic in order to provide efficient logistics for the distribution of our
films and as well to take advantage of the discretionary shipping services here not requiring disclosure of contents. This then allows
us to provide a greater level of privacy for our customers in the receipt of their purchases.

We are the exclusive distributors of Bound Heat Films. Our mission is to provide quality films encompassing the subject matter of lesbian
erotica, white slavery and women in prison themes and we are the only company with rights to sell these films full-length and uncensored

Bound Heat movies are very unique and you will not find anything like this elsewhere. Some of the key features of Bound Heat films include: Full-length motion pictures with thrilling plots encompassing a variety of sub genres and high production values.Fascinating films containing the dark and edgy subject matters of white slavery, women in prison, lesbian erotica, punishment and muchmore.English language films starring talented actresses and actors. Uncut and uncensored versions direct from the producers – you cannot buy these anywhere else.

An Interview with Lloyd A Simandl
1 How did you get into making adult films ? I have never made an adult film as defined today, that being hard core pornographic, but I make soft erotic movies. How I got into it?? By getting a bit drunk many years ago at a party at one of the festivals and purchasing rights to a sequel of Chained Heat. In 1992 I made the movie ( Chained Heat 2) and for a small budget it made a good profit. I have “noted” then, that “lesbian chicks in chains” did well.

2 Why did you decide to create Bound Heat? After 2002 when the “bread and butter” of all independent producers VHS cassette switched to DVD and 60 dollar wholesale price became a 6 dollar wholesale price , I have switched back to the “chained heat” type of product and made a few hybrids-“chains and action”. These became quite popular, yet by then the “political correctness” and many of my traditional brick and mortar distributors ( those who survived the VHS to DVD switch) could not buy them from me because the “WalMarts and the Blockbusters” would not stock any “R” rated material. The SOLE reason for creating Bound Heat was my ability to get these movies to my many fans directly.

3 You write direct and produce films which do you prefer most and why? As any director, I would like to make a beautiful period dramas, but nobody wants to pay for them or finance them. My own all time favored movie is Heaven’s Tears (a 2nd World War love story) , but also my biggest financial disappointment. There will NOT be a sequel.

4 What genre would you say your Bound Heat films are? Bound Heat is its own genre. I guess the closest description, so I do not sound conceited, would be: Lesbian themed Women in Prison (WIP) movies.

5  What is it that fascinates you about dominance and submission? Nothing, but economics.

6 Why did you decide to make story based films rather than the standard four vignettes? I make films, I have always made films I will always make films. By definition films have a story. Some “four vignettes” porn clips are just that: “porn clips”. Anyone who does not see the difference does not buy my movies nor is a fan.

7 How do you choose your girls for Bound Heat films? Who are the fan favourites and why? Talent, looks and keeness. The fan favorites are seen in the movies and discussed on the Forum.

8 What are the advantages of selling films direct from your site rather than DVD’s? Do you think DVD’s have had their day? See 2 above. Also you may have not noted that Bound Heat also has a busy DVD shop as well as VOD. I do not see the demise of DVD any
time soon yet.

9 How big a part do the fans on your forum play in the choice of performers and plot ideas? Many films have many suggestions incorporated by not only the Forum fans, but also by many e mails the creative dept. receives. The whole Old Rome idea came from the forum and such e mails. So was the appearance of ponygirls. As to the performers as much as it is possible I also try to bring the popular ones back should the budget allow it.

10 What can we look out for in new Bound Heat titles? Will the Caligula and Elizabeth Bathroy series be continued? Maybe, the decision has not yet been made. We are however shooting this month another Old Rome movie. As to Blood Countess it is very
likely that there will be another one. Elizabeth Bathory after all is very unique character and I have scripted a number of episodes. The final answer of course is in “reward v’s risk” ratio as the historical pieces are very expensive to make.

11 Where can people find you on the net? I am too busy for now and not savvy enough to do any social networking. In the future? One never knows. My fans can get to me via the Forum ( which I read regularly) or thru the Creative Dept. where Celand gives me all e mails dealing with the business, as this one from Jon.
Lloyd Simandl

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