Boxer Amir Khan’s Sex Tape Leaked

Even with the meteoric rise of mixed martial arts, boxing is still surprisingly clinging to relevance. The sport of boxing has declined drastically over the last two decades because there are simply no more boxing superstars to root for. Polarizing guys like Ali, Tyson, Sugar Ray, Roy Jones Jr have all rode into the sunset. Add that to the fact that boxing promoters took an eternity to book the matches that people really want to see like Mayweather and Pacquaio and the actual fight was a complete and utter bore. This results in jaded boxing fans feeling massive disinterest and apathy in this yesteryear sport.

However, one of the few remaining stars of boxing is British boxer, Amir Khan.

Former Olympian, Amir Khan is very well-known in the U.K but not really for his boxing merits but for the tired unspooling drama that has been quelling between his wife, Faryal Makdoom and his family. To put it all in a nutshell, the Khan family hates Faryal because of the provocative way she dresses and claims that she cares about nothing but hogging the celebrity spotlight among other stupid grievances. For Faryal’s part, she feels that Khan’s father and mother have pressured her to divorce Amir and has even accused Amir’s youngest sister of physically assaulting her when she was pregnant with Amir’s baby.

Well, Amir Khan has much bigger things to worry about now because every single reputable news outlet has reported that Amir Khan’s long-rumored sex tape has finally been revealed and sold to a porn site. Said contents of Amir’s sex tape show him pleasuring himself while on a Skype call to a model. Yeah, it’s not even a cool sex tape of Amir having sex with a woman. It’s literally just him jerking off.

But first, let’s take a look at Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom because she’s like, off the charts gorgeous.

It’s best to get the pretty images now, because you’re about to get to see a play-by-play of this dude, Amir Khan pulling his pud. Just a reminder. There is no hot babe who’s getting balled in the following screen caps. It’s literaly just Amir Khan masturbating on a naughty Skype call. These celebrities are just like us! 

Round 1

So here’s the welterweight champ staring blankly on his computer screen. I call this the Chatroulette face. Guys, if you’re going to sex skype, remember that screen capturing software exists.

Here we actually see the Skype account that’s about to fuck up this guy’s privacy. See the usual sex chat messages.

Oh, wait the champ is getting up off his couch and about to pull out his welterweight weiner.

Ah jeebus. There it is.

Here’s the fist of fury shot…

After practicing his quick jab, our boy nuts within about sixty seconds?

And that’s a wrap. Amir comes in with the Kleenex.

There, now you’ve satisfied your curiosity. I’m going to go back and peep more of Faryal Makhdoom.

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