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Brad Knight Arrested, Accused Of Domestic Violence

I don’t know where to begin with Brad Knight. We could talk about him scratching up the car of a high ranking industry veteran. Or his screaming at girls on set when he can’t get an erection which has happened too many time to count or his phone calls to his parents while on set for a pep talk when he can’t get it up. There’s also his constant harassment of female talent who won’t shoot content with him, including putting his hands on them.

Which is why it is no surprise that early this morning, Brad Knight was arrested on a felony charge. As of press time he is still in jail.

brad knight

Brad beat her in the parking lot of a sacred institution in Porn Valley, TGI Friday’s. Brad’s victim was his girlfriend, a performer known as Nova Cane. The couple had performed in a live show for a company that evening, in part because there is a shrinking number of female talent who will work with him.

brad knight

brad knight


Bye bye Bradley.

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