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[email protected]_Love Closes 2020 With Cover of Sweetheart’s ‘Women Loving Girls’

Everything came together perfectly for Brandi Love’s final scene of 2020.

The longtime Sweetheart Video contract performer stars in Women Loving Girls, scoring the cover and the opportunity to teach young upstart Lyra Law just how a woman of experience can pleasure the pussy of another woman.

It all started, as so many of these scenarios tend to, with a massage. Brandi is of course up on all forms of physical pleasure, so she knows the ins and outs and all-arounds of massage in order to achieve whatever it is she sets out to. So with Lyra, she knows how to turn a little pain into the ultimate pleasure. As for Lyra, it may not be what she set out to accomplish on this day, but she couldn’t be happier with the results and will recommend Brandi to her bestest of friends.

Lyra may not be the most inexperienced girl on the block, but few women of any age have the talents of MILF Performer of the Year Brandi Love. It doesn’t take long for Lyra to feel the difference and she is smart enough to accept the lessons Ms. Brandi is willing to share in this sizzling scene

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