Press Release

.@Brandi_Love in New Streaming Clip from Cupid’s Eden

Brandi Love is in a hot new 4K Ultra HD scene out from Cupid’s Eden called “Bonus Fuck.” One of her male costars in the adult industry talks the Queen MILF into doing an extra scene together after they finish shooting for the company that booked them together.

“People often ask if porn stars ever fuck each other off-camera, and we do” the scene description reads. “I’m hooking up with Brandi Love after having just shot another sizzling scene with her, but I’m a giver so I’m shooting this one for you as well! She sucks my cock with sounds that I can only describe as sexual ASMR, and then I plow into her from every direction, telling her she feels like home!”

“We were already warmed up and ready for more,” Brandi shared. “Things just got hotter and hotter!”

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