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Brandon Iron- Slap Happy and Thankful


I remember the first time I ever talked to Brandon on the phone.

He called me and was telling me about his new series “Slap Happy.”

He told me that it was girls getting slapped and throwing up and having sex, and I thought he was freakin’ out of his mind! Then I saw the first movie and I loved it. Gross, and sexy and funny and perverse all at the same time. Brandon under the name Alek James Hidell) directed the first one and 2, 3, 4. Those were the best. Someone else took the series over after that and it just wasn’t at good as the originals.

Brandon’s blog says-Brandon was born on July 14th, 1968, in Alberta, Canada. He completed a degree in English but quickly learned he preferred adult magazines over literature. After squandering several years in unfulfilling jobs, he pursued his pornographic passion and has no regrets.

His first movie was with Ashley Nicole in “Bonfire of the Panties” in 1991, but he did not perform on a full time basis until 1997.

He has worked for dozens of adult companies, fucked hundreds of girls, and has millions of reasons to be thankful for having the best job in the World. Brandon enjoys hearing from fans. His email address in [email protected]

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