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Brandy Taylore says I SCREWED UP…

By Brandy Taylore from her blog

I screwed up (germany)
12 Oct, 2008

Well here is a story for ya. I really screwed up. Went to the airport today to go to Berlin, get to the ticket counter… very unfriendly people at Delta. Pull out my ID, they say they dont need that just my passport (mind you I have never traveled internationally), I pull out my passport, which I have had 4 years and never used.. and they can’t find my name.

I look at my passport .. it is my old  name, before I had it changed. I talk to the agent .. trying to get it changed.. I have 4 different forms of ID.. but they will not change it in the computer, saying something about becaues the company has bought the ticket through travelocity..blah blah. I am stunned. I am denied travel and lose the reservation. 

I emailed the Man in charge, he was pissed, and rightly so. I made a misatke but it was an honest mistake… I had no idea that my passport was in my old name, i have neverr used it, its been 4 years, and I couldn’t believe they were so unwilling to help me.

I feel horrible. I hope this person was able to get some sort of refund or partial ticket or something. I guess I will not begoing to Germany. It was seriously an honest mistake.. as I said I have never traveled internationally.. I didn’t know.

SO now I am sitting at home.. depressed. I only travel once a month … and I just lost my entire income for this month.. so as I said .. I really screwed this one up!

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