Brazilian Pornstar Claims to Be Evangelical Christian

Brazilian pornstar Kamilla Werneck is quite the interesting girl. Up until recently she has kept a low profile which is why not too much is known about her like height and body measurements, but she recently went on an XXX TV show called Pornolandia to reveal what is the most interesting this about her. You see, Kamilla is actually a practicing Evangelical Christian and comes from a family with a very religious background. Most people would think that a girl who is quite religious would steer clear of the porn industry, but Kamilla is not afraid of what might happen to her due to her career choice. “I’m a good person at heart and that’s what matters,” she told interviewer Nicole Puzzi.

Kamilla further explained that she doesn’t believe that god is as judgemental as the people who follow the Bible. She says that god can see inside of your heart, and knows whether or not you are good or bad at your base. This is how Kamilla reconciles her unique lifestyle with her religion. She claims that she still goes to church with her bible in hand, and that she loves it. Kamilla wants everyone to know that while she is very happy with her life, she hasn’t told her conservative family about her XXX lifestyle, but she wouldn’t mind if they found out. They are already shocked and disappointed because she got divorced from her hubby of three years and moved in with a woman who is her girlfriend. Kamilla clearly doesn’t care about following the bible word for word, she only wants to do what she thinks is good in the world, and adding more love and sex seems like the best thing possible.

Kamilla is a sweetheart who looks to be about 18 years old, which is when she started as a stripper in the adult industry, although she is older now. She still has braces which many of her fans love. She has shot with many top companies. Of course anyone who makes porn in Brazil has gotten a piece of this honey, and she has also shot with Reality Kings a few times to do some anal sex scenes. If you’re interested in this honey you can follow her on Instagram where she has thousands of followers. She posts candid pictures like when she was getting her hair done in a tight neon dress, and when she traveled to El Salvador to see what that country was like. If you think that sex is like a religious experience, then you need to find out what this bible toting honey looks like when she is crying out to her maker! I love it!

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