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Brazilian Woman Allowed to Masturbate at Work

Masturbating at work

A Brazilian woman sought medical help after realizing that masturbating 47 times a day at work is a little left of normal.

Ana Bezerra suffers from a rare chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality, which causes her to compulsively masturbate. A court ruling states that the 36-year-old accountant can legally masturbate at work and watch porn on her work computer. That sounds great and all, but I wonder how her work performance (the boring kind) will suffer if she’s constantly abandoning her desk to take care of business?

“I’m sorry, sir, can I put you on hold for a few minutes? I need to go diddle myself in the back room real quick.”

In order to help her cope, doctors have put her on a cocktail of tranquilizers and other fun drugs to relieve her stress. Apparently, the medication works and she’s only masturbating about 20 times a day, instead of her usual near-50 times.

Good for you, Ana!

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