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Brazzers Enlists Real Moms For Mother’s Day Scene

BRAZZERS, the industry’s leading premium adult entertainment brand, is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a special scene that was created with suggestions from real moms. BRAZZERS handpicked a group of six moms to participate in a discussion about sex and porn moderated by legendary adult performer, Julia Ann. With Julia Ann leading the open and honest discussion, BRAZZERS was able to learn a lot about what makes moms tick and what a porn scene made for moms would look like.

The result of the discussion is a scene titled ‘Night Caps’, starring Julia Ann and Chanel Preston. In the scene, Chanel Preston plays a single and sexually adventurous judge who coaches her attorney friend, Julia Ann, to do as her husband requested and sleep with another man to get herself out of the frustrations of a sex life that’s gone stale. As the fancy soiree that they are attending winds down, the two MILFs find a couple of bartenders ready to worship them before they pair off and have their own parties.

‘Night Caps’ is a unique production in the BRAZZERS library as it incorporates feedback received from real moms who participated in the Mother’s Day discussion. The conversation was full of interesting revelations about the sex lives and porn preferences of real moms, and their comments led to important insights into the minds of this largely untapped demographic.

BRAZZERS Marketing Director, Gary Ticher explains what motivated the company’s Mother’s Day initiative:

“Moms, or more specifically MILFs, have always been a cornerstone of the BRAZZERS brand since its inception, which is why we wanted to honor moms this Mother’s Day with a scene specifically for them. Not only have they done so much for us as individuals, but we wouldn’t be a vanguard of our industry if it weren’t for moms.”

Ticher also praises the mothers that participated in this special Mother’s Day project. “They were so frank and honest. If they had not been so comfortable discussing this kind of subject matter, we may have never learned about how moms feel about multiple partners and how much they value attentiveness in a partner. We are so grateful for the moms that participated and we’re excited for them to see what we were able to create out of their feedback.”

‘Night Caps’ will be available on BRAZZERS this Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018.

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