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Brazzers ORDERS Me to Remove Story

NL- Perhaps you guys at Manwin should read your own forum board sometime. Khrispy is STILL posting more info on that same thread. I do see tho, that you have removed what you want me to remove. So Khrispy, who works for Brazzers posted false, yet confidential information. THAT is just downright funny…. Y0u guys have lots of false confidential info over there? Since we have all seen, read and discussed this already, I will remove Khrispy’s comments from last weeks story, just because I don’t want to deal with Manwin’s Legal department.


Re:         Cease and desist – Breach of confidentiality
The undersigned represents the Manwin Group of companies including
We have recently been made aware that a user by the name of Khrispy as posted false, misleading but yet confidential information on your blog at
We hereby request the immediate and unconditional removal of this post and all related posts and thread.
Otherwise, be advised that we will have no other choice but to initiate the appropriate legal actions given the circumstances including against any third party, registrar or service provider involved in the hosting or service of
Govern yourself accordingly.
Legal Department
Manwin Canada

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