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Breaking News-Tera Patrick Tells All, Brittany Murphy Drugs?, Tiger Woods

Sorry guys. I haven’t updated as often as usual in the last week or so. I’ve been on a killer deadline. The holidays are always extra hard to get things done. I just finished the latest issue of Xcitement (it’s 11:30pm) and have to say it is a great one. It gets sent to print in the morning. It will be out on January 1st. There is an exclusive in depth interview with Tera Patrick ( on her break-up with Evan, her Vegas show, her book tour, her new boyfriend, EVERYTHING) There is a review of Wicked’s 2040 ( great movie). There is my usual  2 page gossip column drawn from the posts here, and an interview with War Machine from

Misty Stone is scheduled for the next cover, but she didn’t answer my call last night at midnight to do our prearranged interview. Since she doesn’t do e-mail or twitter, and the messages on her phone are full, if anyone sees her, please tell her to CALL ME!

I promise to get to the 200 e-mails left in my box tonight or tomorrow, and to get some posts up. But truthfully I will probably be lacking in lots of updates over the holidays because I have not cleaned my house in two weeks or wrapped a present yet. Lots to do and not enough hours in the day. I am sure you know how I feel.

And just so I don’t have to make two more posts- Rumors are floating around that Brittany Murphy dabbled in heroin and cocaine, but we won’t have the whole report from the coroner for a month at least. There were also many prescription drugs found in her house. AND one of Tiger Woods’ supposed mistresses is saying that she has drunk naked pictures of him.

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