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Breanne Benson- Exclusive interview

Interview by Cindi Loftus

Photos Courtesy of Breanne Benson & Hustler

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Born in Albania, raised there until age five when she moved to Italy until age seven, then on to the U.S; Breanne Benson is still a traveling girl. She goes all over the country for her feature dancing. She is also a fast rising star in the adult movie industry, performing in some of the best movies and for the top companies. She has an amazing body, (was named January’s Penthouse Pet) and YES those breasts are REAL! Breanne is down to earth and a sweet person to talk to. I met her on Twitter! Here’s our first real life conversation…


Xcitement: Well I can say that I have never interviewed anyone that was born in Albania before.

Breanne: I get that a lot. I think I am the only Albanian porn star, for now anyway.

X: That would make you the TOP Albanian porn star in the world.

B: (Laughs) Because I have no competition.

X: So where in the U.S. did you grow up?

B: Southern California. Orange County. San Diego and now I live in L.A.

X: Were you popular in high school?

B: I definitely hung out with the cool crowd and I was always the one dating the older guys. I was hanging out with the seniors and going to the senior parties when I was a freshman. I was in the in crowd.

X: Where you a loose woman?

B: No. All my friends were. But I didn’t even lose my virginity until I was almost eighteen. I fooled around here and there, but nothing compared to what my girlfriends were doing. And then here I am now, doing more than all of them combined.

X: So your yearbook didn’t say girl most likely to be a porn star.

B: No absolutely not.

X: How did you get into porn?

B: Well I knew Tanya James, she used to work at Pat & Oscars with me. And she started dating a porn star, so she got into it. And then I decided to tag along because it looked appealing and fun. So I did solo and girl/girl for about a year. Then I quit and went to dancing for five years. I came back to porn in June of 09. I was also a go-go dancer. So I’ve never really had a real job other than the restaurant. I guess I was always stripping, go-go dancing or porn. Anything that had to do with dancing and basically wearing nothing is pretty much what I did.

X: Well you came back in June 2009 and started doing boy/girl in November 09. What made you decide after five years of dancing to come back to porn? Were you sick of dancing?

B: I never really wanted to quit porn, but I had too because of my family, ya know? I chose to quit for them, but then I regretted it because it was a snap decision and yes I got bored with just dancing all the time. When I came back I only wanted to do girl/girl and then I got bored of that so I switched over to boy/girl.

X: And look where it took you!

B: Yeah.

X: You went huge is such a short amount of time.

B: I don’t know if I would go that far, but we’re getting there.

X: And you are nominated for Xbiz performer of the year.

B: I don’t know how that happened. That is really weird. I am up against Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, girls that have a lot of time under their belts, ya know what I mean?

X: Yes.

B: But I am honored to have my name up there. I am happy to be on the list. But I don’t think I am going to win.

X: That is really cool to have your name with all those girls that are really big, so that just shows where you are going.

B: Yeah, absolutely. I had to take a second look when I saw it. I was like WHAT? That has to be a mistake. I think someone screwed up. (Laughs)

X: So now you are doing movies and you are feature dancing. 

B: Yes I am actually in Pittsburg right now, I just landed.

X: You are crazy, it’s freezing there!

B: Oh my god you have no idea. I was in Philly one night and Jersey one night and now today and tomorrow it’s Pittsburg and it is so cold I refuse to leave my hotel room except to get to the car to get to the club.

X: I don’t blame you. Is there snow on the ground?

B: Oh my god it’s covered.

X: You are a California girl I live in Florida. I don’t like being cold.

B: I don’t either. I don’t even have any proper winter attire. All my jeans have holes in them. I’ll be in Michigan at the end of the month and I know it will be even colder. I need to go buy some warm clothes.

X: You need something besides hoodies and ripped jeans.

B: Yes I do.

X: A nice fluffy jogging suit with a hat and mittens would be good.

B: Mittens would be great. My hands were freezing out there.

X: Well at least you are warm while you are working at the club, although not with many clothes on. When you get there you have a blast and the people love you.

B: Yeah. I have had  a lot of fun on this trip. I’m not going to lie I do get homesick, because by the third or fourth day I want to be home in my bed. Being in a hotel is just not the same. I try to make it homey with candles so it smells like my room. But featuring is a lot of fun too, I always have a good time.

X: What is your favorite feature show that you are going to do this week?

B: Well I haven’t been featuring that long. I only started in September, but I started doing a wax show that I absolutely love. It feels really good, totally erotic. It doesn’t hurt at all. I also really like doing my toy show, when they let me.

X: So for the wax show you get naked and pour hot wax all over yourself?

B: I usually pick someone from the audience pour it on me.


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