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Bree Olson Does Comedy

Bree Olson is one of the closest things you can get to a household name in porn, and managed to make it big in Hollywood being close to Charlie Sheen when he went through his “winning” streak. I mean who wouldn’t want Bree Olson at a party, with all the hottest porn stars catering to your every need.

We can no longer watch her fuck people’s brains out, but we recently found out that her and Charlie Sheen have something in common… or in comedy. They’re both a joke! Just kidding! But it’s true that Bree Olson will be fully leaving the porn world, and traveling to the opposite side of Las Vegas to join the world of comedians.

She is starting a YouTube channel, titled “Bree Does Comedy,” which will focus on a web series starring her.

The channel was created by Kimberly McVicar, who can float the web series with her experience in the comedy world, and has done writing with a very famous porn star before on The Kim Kardashian Show. The show has raised enough money for the first six episodes so far, and manager McVicar will star in it alongside Bree Olson.

They raised the money with a Bree Does Comedy Kickstarter, and in return for donations, Bree Olson sent away hand written thank you cards, and also held an in person luncheon for those horny guys who donated and don’t want to see her fade away into obscurity just yet.

Bree Olson Does Comedy

Is it a terrible mistake, or will it be the greatest thing to happen since the Kardashians? We hope it goes well for her, and in the meantime we’ll be reviewing her previous work and jacking instead of laughing.

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