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Bree Olson Feels Sorry For The Gossipmongers

Gorgeous blonde porn star Bree Olson posts on ADT:


I feel nothing but sympathy when I read the vicious things you say about me. Not sympathy for me… but for you. You are pathetic and weak. You try to find downfalls in others to make you feel better about yourself. I especially feel for female talent talking badly about me. Jealousy is the root of all evil. I feel so sorry for you and hope that you are able to grow up and become a real woman.

If I wasn’t doing so well and rising so fast none of you would even bother discussing negative things about me. It’s okay…. Luckily I know the way of the world and that when someone is rising everyone tries to bring them back down.

Well I’ve got news for you. You can’t stop me. Your childish games and ruthless behavior have no affect on me. I will continue giving a 110% in everything I do. I will continue to be a real person that has heart and a brain. You can’t hold me down. Your devilish ways only make me stronger.

LOL…..It will take a lot more than that to get rid of me!

Taryn Thomas posts: “I think you may have got ADT confused with XPT. That is generally the place where all the shit talking about porn chicks goes on. Especially the ones rising fast. I know from prior experiences with that board to many haters on there. ADT is good! And everyone seems to like you a whole lot on here. Keep your head up and don’t let what people say over the internet get to you.”


P_Ramezap posts: “I never knew of XPT till Taryn pointed it out here. I read through some of those posts randomly. All I got to say is that I am grateful that we have moderators here, some real haters hang out there, it’s like a board for flaming other people and spreading rumors and gossip. Long live ADT.”

Gen Padova posts: “Only the ass kissers who conform succeed the least slightest at XPT. Those who get beaten down are because they either don’t conform and kiss ass or put themselves out in the open about their personal matters where they’re more than expected to get all kinds of talk in return. It’s what happens when you’re in the limelight and it should be expected without surprise. Sadly enough.”

Katja Kassin posts: “I tried posting on XPT and all they do is talk shit and turn your words around. it’s a very negative atmosphere and I won’t go back there. They can do whatever they want for all I care but I won’t be a part of it…”

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