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Bree Olson Joins Campaign to Capture Joseph Kony

kony 2012 supporter

If you haven’t heard about KONY 2012 or the Invisible Children, it is about time you’re educated on the biggest Internet campaign to hit the net this year. Who else is better to inform you about this very important matter than pornstar Bree Olson? (sarcastic tone)

What is KONY 2012?

KONY 2012  is a 30 minute documentary, by Invisible Children, that reached over ‘s 83 million views on YouTube. It’s about Joseph Kony – a warlord in Uganda responsible for the enslavement of more than 30,000 children.

Why Does Bree Olsen Care?

The campaign asks celebrities to use their reach in order to help further the cause. Bree Olsen is one of many stars who have jumped on board. She has created a video, in the only way she knows how, sharing her thoughts on KONY.

Watch Olson’s Naked for KONY video:


Watch the original documentary KONY 2012:

In other KONY news, the guy behind the video, Jason Russell, has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold for exposing himself in public!

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