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Bree Olson Not Pregnant

Bree’s agent Chris from Foxx Modeling says that she is not pregnant.

Bree wrote March 25 on ADT:

This rumor is bizarre and very untrue. I am glad to see that people have defended me and actually did the research to see that this is a fictitious story.
On the other hand…… porn has been great. I love it and have been offered some contracts and I am in the decision process right now. Yes I have been working a lot but I am off for a month right now taking a big break. I have been very ill from traveling and being around all those cooties all the time. LOL I know a lot of you don’t want me to sign a contract due to me not being as nasty anymore or not seeing as much of me. I just want to let you know I won’t change and the companies that wanted to sign me that also wanted to “change” me or how I perform….I wouldn’t sign with them! My movies are an expression of myself. My sexual endeavors are my form of art. If someone were to take away my way of expressing myself I would feel cheated and be unhappy. Also lets not forget I will have my website which I am already creating content for. Porn has been around so long that I’m sure anything I have thought of has already been done but I can promise you that some of the things you see on my website are not done often and that my site will be a huge competitor of other girls websites. So that will be something else for you all to look forward to.
If you guys ever have any questions or just want to chat with me email me at [email protected] Yes it’s really me….I answer my own email and myspace…it might take a while but I will eventually get back to you. Well thanks for all the support guys! I love reading the sweet things you say about me. Being home for a whole month is making me very horny so when I get back I plan on fucking like I’ve never fucked before! Lol

Conky writes on XPT:

According to Gene Ross over at, Bree Olsen has a lot more to worry about than trying to charge producers a fortune:

” From, Bree Olson posts on Yahoo: ” I think I am pregnant and I am so scared!?

I think I am pregnant. I have about a week till my period so I can’t check yet. I had an abortion last year and I will never do it again! I can’t believe I let this happen. I am so upset I can’t stop crying and I am scared. Please give me advise. No mean people! I am already taking this hard enough I need some help……I don’t wanna tell anyone in my life yet. I just want to die. I feel like if I am pregnant my last abortion which I almost killed myself over was for nothing! The father is fine, I know he would marry me and make a good father. He is financially stable and older but I am too young! I am so scared! Any advise?””

Bree’s boyfriend is Chris, the owner of FoxxModeling. They’ve been together about eight months.

Moxie emails:

First of all, this is all four months old.  But a story is a story.

I did not realize Bree was dating Mr. Fox that long.  You may want to connect this with Billy Watson’s blog from when she first got into porn. This suggests that the daddy was from Indiana.

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