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Bree Olson speaks out about Charlie Sheen HIV Rumors

Bree Olson has made an official statement regarding the rumor that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive.

She really just says she knows nothing other than the fact that she personally has tested clean every year since her breakup with the man and as far as his health condition, she knows nothing and please leave her alone about it.

As far as the “anonymous” source from The Sun story, they indicate that the porn star in question was 27. Bree Olson is 29. So I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s her as the source, especially considering the fact that Charlie Sheen has been with probably hundreds of porn stars and most recently was with a porn star (Brett Rossi), but she’s only 26 so that doesn’t match up either.

Is the Hollywood guy even Charlie Sheen? Who knows. All we can say for sure is that Bree Olson is not saying a word.


On an interesting side note – Kacey Jordan IS 27 and was rumored to have gotten pregnant by him.  Could she be the Sun’s “secret source” of Charlie Sheen information? You may recall she was paid $30,000 for partying with him a few years ago.

And she is a porn star and she is the exact same age as the secret source that the original article in the Sun is reporting to be. So hmmm…. could Kacey Jordan be it?

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