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Bree Olson VS Bubba The Love Sponge

Bree Olson appears on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show
by Wag

MONDAY-Bree Olson 22, appeared Monday March 23, on the Bubba the Love Sponge syndicated live morning terrestrial radio show which repeats on Sirius channel 101 in the afternoon. Bubba is from Indiana as is Bree who is from Ft Wayne. This gives them both some instant chemistry. She tells Bubba that she is in Ft Wayne 2 weeks a month and on the road the other 2 weeks.

She is in Tampa to promote her newest release from Adam and Eve DVD Bree’s Big Campout. In the interview she tells the gang how she love doing B/G/A & G/G but has to keep it clean and not say the terms out loud. Bree admits that she wanted to be a Porn Star since an early age from listening and watching the Howard Stern Show. Bree admits she would love to have sex with Howard Stern.

Bree is in the studio to meet with a “regular listener” who became blind a year ago from a motorcycle accident on May 19, 2008. Bree also had it in her mind to possibly hook up with Bubba as well, and is still considering it. Bree tells Bubba he is the regular teddy bear type of guy that she likes. Bubba mentions if Bree can stay the weekend they could possibly hook up with him and his sexy wife Heather, and that makes Bree think about it and she offers her phone number to Bubba, which makes Bubba a little nervous as he senses how serious she is in the offer.

Bree has a website which offers extreme special web content.You can also get a Bree’s dvds and merchandise from going to the website. Bree admits to the show that she likes rough sex.The guys in the studio do not think they could do the choking style of rough sex. Bree is now in her 2nd year as a contract star with Adam and Eve.

In the interview, Bree mentions that she is a natural C cup with no tattoos, or piercings or any plastic surgery and does not do any drugs. She will occasionally drink at times. Bubba and the guys think she is the ultimate All American Girl Next Door. Bree tells them that she owns two homes and 4 acres of property in Indiana where she intends to build her dream home. She has done about approximately 140 films so far and started as an independent in the Adult Film Entertainment business.

Bubba’s staff brings in “Blind Pantera” and telling Bree that her and Pantera will be going into the green room to get acquainted. Being blind, Pantera has had difficulties in finding a girlfriend since the accident. Bree is questioning at first whether Pantera is truly blind. Bubba tries to prove it by throwing a ball at his head. Bubba also gave an open hand slap to his face as well. Bree still is not 100% sure and thinks Bubba and the guys are messing with her, but she is still willing to meet with Pantera in the green room.

They come back from the commercial break andall hell breaks out. During the break Bree freaked out because she got a text telling her that Pantera is not blind. Bree storms out of studio and the building during the break and takes off walking down the street. SpiceBoy the producer, runs out chasing her down the street with his phone and a camera guy. Bubba tries to apologize to Bree on the phone, but Bree gets enraged with the cameraman and grabs the camera and tries to rip out the video tape and continues to scream at them. Bree then continues walking down the street screaming that she gets the tape or she is on the next flight out of here. Bree’s handler drives out after Bree to pick her up. Eventually Bree somehow gets the tape. Bubba and the staff are flabbergasted at how this segment became so out of control.

Bubba had wanted the next segment with Bree to be a role reversal with Pantera. Bubba was going to tell Bree to go in and start to get all friendly on Pantera  Bubba wanted Bree to get down to her bra and panties, and get Pantera down to his underwear making Pantera think he is going to get some action. Bubba was then going to have a staff member come in and whisper to an unknowing Bree, that Pantera was not really blind and to make a big scene on Pantera. Bree was suppose to snap on Pantera, slap him and call him a lying SOB and come storming back in the studio and then Bubba and the staff and Bree will turn the joke on Pantera. They all will be watching this go down on the studio monitors from the hidden camera in the green room. Bubba never got the chance to explain this part to Bree because she had gotten a text which made Bree feel like Bubba was going to make her the fool in this segment and that is when she stormed off down the street.

Bree also had a scheduled appearance at Strokers 2 in Tampa on Monday night.

TUESDAY-According to this morning’s show Bubba found out that Bree did  make her appearance last night. She also wanted to talk about it with Bubba today, but Bubba refuses to have her on and read email from fans reactions.

According to on air this morning, Bree said “She did not mind Bubba
making her out as a whore, she just did not want to come off as an idiot.”

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