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Brett Rockman Responds

Brett Rockman emails May 3 in response to my posting of April 30:

Mr. Ford, you have far out done your reputation with this one. Only a careless writer would go out on a limb to print outright lies as you have in your infamous blog site.


“In 2005, he established his own company. He decided to go against the grain. He decided to do everything on his own, from producing to replicating to distributing.”

CORRECTION: Rockman Entertainment has been around since 2003 and our distribution branch launched in 2005. I/ We have never “replicated” anything.

YOU SAID: “Finally, he went broke.” “He lost almost everything (he has an office in Jim South’s old building and he releases the odd comp).”

CORRECTION: You know nothing about the company or anyone’s personal financial records, profits and losses and company value so what would compel you to make such a foolish statement in a public forum?

YOU SAID: “In January 2005, Rockman had Vivian West sign for him at his AVN booth. She wanted some DVDs. Rockman charged her $20 each for them (normally they are given to talent for about $5 each, or free) and deducted that amount (about $500) from her fee for appearing at his booth. Vivian’s agent, Derek at, said no way. Brett and Derek argued it out. When Brett wouldn’t do the right thing by his girl, Derek decreed that none of his girls could work with Rockman, which severely reduced the number of scenes Brett could book.

CORRECTION: “It is our policy and has always been that Rockman DVDs are FREE to all talent! Vivian West and Rockman Entertainment reached an agreement to purchase a large quantity of DVDs (up to 100-200) for resale into strip clubs she was scheduled to dance at. Our agreed upon price was $10 a piece. Rockman Entertainment is a distributor of DVDs and as policy we have to protect the interest of our distributors so if a person (talent or not) wants to purchase large sums of DVDs it is our policy to uphold our wholesale price range. The deal was an ordinary deal between 2 companies. The notion that a talent agent without a previous agreement can reverse a deal between 2 parties is ludicrous and violation of state laws regarding ‘tortuous interference’ and fair business practice. Look this up LUKE when you have some free time. As for Vivian, she was satisfied as was I with the deal which took place by mutual agreement. This is easy to confirm if you simply ask her.

These errors not only highlight your journalistic incompetence and lack of integrity but serve to remind us all that some people will take foolish chances for an extra buck or a little “gossip traffic”. A grown man such as yourself should find more meaningful things to do with your free time.

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