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Brett Rossi Discusses #metoo Movement’s Exclusion of Sex Workers in New Vice/Broadly Article

Brett Rossi has written an eye-opening first-person piece for’s women’s interest channel, out today, ‘When Will Sex Workers Get Our #MeToo Moment?’

In the new article, the star brings to light a glaring oversight when it comes to adult performers in this powerful women’s movement. “If things are actually going to change, we need to start caring more about all the people who don’t walk the red carpet, too,” writes Rossi.

“And I’m specifically concerned about the actresses who work in the porn industry, the escorts, the sex workers, and all the women in the sex industry—who are at high risk, but rarely get taken seriously and are almost never offered a seat at the table.”

Rossi addresses her 2015 allegations against the actor – and Rossi’s former fiancé – Charlie Sheen of “assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence… it became a high profile case, and the backlash against me was atrocious. I felt immediately categorized as a gold digging, lying whore who couldn’t possibly be telling the truth simply because I make money taking my clothes off.

“It seemed like no one cared that I was telling them I had been both sexually and physically assaulted by a powerful man. I was just a porn star.”

Sex workers, Rossi argues, are somehow looked at differently, and rampant abuse still regularly occurs within the adult industry with nary a fight for their personal rights. “There is one thing that’s for sure: If this movement is going to be truly effective, it must be truly inclusive.”

Rossi hopes that the current crusade for women’s rights and personal agency will continue to empower women to be heard, but it needs to encompass all women from all walks of life. “We deserve to stand up and scream “#MeToo” and be fully supported by not only the law, but movements that are supposed to be for all survivors.”

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