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Brett Rossi Opens up to Amanda Knox in New Vice/Broadly Series, ‘The Scarlet Letter Reports

Adult film star Brett Rossi is bringing her unique perspective to the new Vice/Broadly series ‘The Scarlet Letter Reports’ as a special interview guest with show host Amanda Knox, out now at Facebook Watch.

In the video interview, Rossi discloses personal moments in her life that were later scrutinized by the general public, such as when she filed a high-profile lawsuit against her former fiancé, actor Charlie Sheen, of assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence; the backlash against Rossi was immediate.Adult film star Brett Rossi

“When I would read what a terrible human being I am, I would sit there and think, ‘What the fuck?’” says Rossi in her interview with Knox. “This person was so angry at me – how dare I file a legitimate lawsuit? How dare I, a ‘porn star whore’, stand up to Hollywood royalty?

“It was automatically assumed that I was a liar, even though the person that I had to sue against had a 30-year history of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, abusing women, being convicted of abusing women…”

Rossi and Knox also discuss media shaming and public judgment when it comes to women who dare project their outer selves beyond ‘regular’ behavior as placed arbitrarily on society’s expected gender norms – and how Rossi has never been asked her side of the story.

“The only time I was given a platform to even slightly discuss my story was to basically say, ‘Oh, I don’t have HIV’ – which really sucks.”

‘The Scarlet Letter Reports’, according to famous media target Knox, who was wrongly accused of murder and vilified by the public to this day, represents a turning point for women who are taking back their personal agency after having it stripped away by angry mobs of uninformed, condemnatory people – both men and women.

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