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Brian from Giirlzinc on Sophie Perez

This is Brian from Giirlzinc.  I am not sure where you are getting your info but let me assure you it is not even close to being right.  Sophie and Lola Cait  had set up the myspace page together for recruiting purposes. Lola (not Sophie) had left to start her own company.   I have not ever had access to the myspace page and honestly didnt think anything of it until i had heard the news. I have been close to Sophie and had talked to her just before the page dedication.  As soon as I heard the news, like you, I started to look up obituaries and other media stories on the accident and found none.  I e-mailed her other myspace page and she called me right away.  She is still recruiting for me and I believe you would have to look elsewhere in regards to who is updating the myspace.  We are trying to get it deleted as we speak. 
Brian  (from

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