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Brian Pumper – Porn’s Next Meltdown?

Conky writes on XPT:

The king of the grill, a man with bigger tits than most whores, came under fire on this week, according to Gene Ross who was invited along for the ride.

In amongst the ‘get a date for Marie Luv’ (she wants a guy who eats pussy, apparently), Vanessa Blue, Velvet Rose and Marie Luv let loose on Pumper, Wesley Pipes and XPT’s favorite multi-sexual, ChristianXXX:

“Vanessa [was] in the mood to lend opinion on some of the male talent pool’s most auspicious representatives. Brian Pumper is her candidate as most likely to go postal.”

Asked if she’d ever worked with The Pumper, Velvet Rose said:

“Unfortunately,” says Velvet with a tight smile, noting that Pumper likes sweaty feet. Luv agreed. She had one scene with Pumper and then put him on her no-list, she said. Luv also ascribes the comment to Pumper that there are trannies who look better than the girls in the industry. In the main, said Blue, there are mainstream guys sucking as much cock as the women and she talked about the time Christian slammed her because she wouldn’t fuck him in the ass.

Luv said she can’t abide by the crossover guys in the business. Knowing what she knows now, Rose said she’d like to see the female performers band together and toss the crossover guys out of the business. Luv suspects that at least 50% of the male porn stars go either way.

Blue then called for tighter industry testing.

“If a guy’s got a bump with a family of bumps on his dick, you shouldn’t have to do the scene.”

On the subject of Pumper, though, Vanessa suggested that he ought to get over his thing about being a music artist.

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