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Brian Surewood- Answers your Questions

I got a letter from Brian Surewood today. He answers the questions you guys asked, since I didn’t  keep a copy of the letter I sent him, I cannot word the questions exactly the same, because I don’t know what I said before, lol. I’ll do my best. If you would like to write to him or send him a food basket, I have permission to post his info here –

Brian Barnes

Booking # 1013087

POB 86164

Terminal Annex

LA, CA 90086-0614

How often do you get to take a shower?
We are supposed to get a 15 minute shower every other day, but sometimes I don’t get one for 2-3 weeks at a time. It sucks

Do the other prisoners and the guards know that you were in porn?
Yes, People know who I am. When I arrived there were 4 porno mags on my tier and I was in three of them, unfortunately. I tried to be incognito but the guards no as well. 

Has your brother, Brick Majors, been supportive?
NO. My brother has not been supportive, in fact he’s always tried to destroy me.
Do you miss the porn industry?
I have lots of fantastic memories and I cherish the good times and many friends I had.

How is your dog REX?
My dog Rex is with my nephew and well taken care of. I have a picture of him on my wall. I miss my big puppy dog dearly.

How would you feel if your son grew up and decided to go into the industry?
My son is a smart young man. A Father always aspires for more for his son. I’m no exception. I have taught him good values and to be hones and caring in his life. What he does with his life is his choice. I will back any decision he makes or career he choses. This business has been some of the best times in my life. If he decides to work in this business I would rather he do something else for a few years to let him know what a dollar is really worth and life is not a fantasy. He has a lot of respect for women and is  very good looking but shy. 

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