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Brian Surewood Arraignment Delayed; Villaraigosa: We’re Going to Throw the Book at Him

From the AP:

LOS ANGELES—Two men were charged with murder Thursday for a road-rage crash that killed a 5-year-old boy and critically injured the child’s mother and his infant sister, authorities said.

Brian Barnes, 44, and Armando Gamboa Ayon, 19, both of Los Angeles, each face one count of murder, vehicular manslaughter and three counts of reckless driving causing specified injury. Barnes also was charged with three counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

Both men were booked on more than $1 million bail. Both men appeared in court Thursday but their arraignment was delayed until Oct. 17.

“We’re going to throw the book at them and enforce the law, because what happened to that family was unacceptable,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said at a news conference.

Police said the two men were driving their cars Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley when they got into an argument. The vehicles weaved along city streets between speeds of 50 mph to 90 mph, “cutting each other off” and jockeying for position, said Detective Bill Butos said.

Police said one the drivers was tapping on his brakes, trying to get the other motorist to ran into his vehicle.

Barnes eventually slammed on his brakes and Ayon tried to avoid the vehicle and plowed into the back of a parked car, Officer Jason Lee said. The parked car slammed into another vehicle, crushing the boy, Ayman Arif, his sister, Ikra Arif, and his 31-year-old mother Syeda Arif.

Roxanne Hall posts on ADT: “Brian initially fled the scene but turned himself in knowing that this was his third strike which means 25 to life.”

Brian has no criminal convictions in California and as he’s lived here most of his life, it’s unlikely he has two felony convictions in other states.

Tricia Devereaux posts: “Maybe I didn’t know Brian as well as some of the other industry people here who have posted, but I’ve seen him pretty fucking irate, and when he gets peeved, he has a tendency to get out-of-control angry.”

Alana Evans posts on ADT:

If you are a friend of Brian, like many of us are, you can go to the… find out where he is… visit him… and you can help in whatever way you choose.

Brian is an awesome man with an incredible heart… a single dad doing everything he can to provide for his teenage son. Don’t condemn him for the accusations in the media… the details in the media are so mixed… and most aren’t true. At no point was either man driving 90miles… but 50-60… according to police reports… so we should wait till all the facts surface before judgements are made.

This is the first time I have ever been close to a case like this and to see the media’s version compared to the truth is insane… you know… kinda like how civilians think everything they see in porn is real…

Seeing the family of the other accused driver was a trip. They spent most of their time laughing and talking… mad dogging those of us there for Brian. Then after the hearing we went outside… watching the attorney for the 19 year old enjoy his solo time in front of the cameras… his family and friends not giving a statement. The entire time we were there, this man was laughing and smiling like he couldn’t be happier. He also spent a lot of time yapping the faces of the news people…

We all stood behind Brian’s family as his aunt made her statement… only saying that Brian, his family, and his friends, send condolences to the family so tragically hurt. I’m crying behind her… I look up to see the friends of the 19 year old staring us down again… laughing. His friends and family are a direct reflection of him and they didn’t seem to care… his mother didn’t cry when his counts of 2nd degree murder were announced… no grief was shown at all… yet all of Brians supporters looked as if we were at a funeral…because we actually care about both sides…

Why are you putting off on Brian? He hit no one! I have been in so many situations where aggressive drivers yell at me, swerve into my lane, and nearly cause accidents for no reason.. I did or said nothing! But does that mean because the guy swerves into another lane because of his own reckless driving, I should be charged with his actions? That’s whats happening to Brian. I am giving Brian the benefit of doubt. I have known this man personally for 10 years! Regardless of OUTDATED interviews, he is a kind and gentle soul… running an operation to help sick people… whenever I’m upset he’s been there for me.

I feel complete sorrow for the loss being that I am a mother myself… I WOULD NEVER PERSECUTE SOMEONE UNTIL I HAD ALL THE FACTS! From witness details in news stories, Brian kept tapping his brakes… not to be rammed but to the the other driver to stop it… get off his ass… we have all done that when a reckless driver is speeding down our tail simply because we’re not going fast enough… tapping your brakes is a signal for the other driver to slow down and back off…. the law is one car length per every ten miles… if that kid was doing 50, he should have had 5 car lengths between his and Brians car!!!! If he had the proper amount of distance, he would have NEVER lost control of his car!!!!!

Brian hit NO ONE…. that kid lost control of his car…

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