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Brian Surewood- One Side of the story-Part 2

You’re driving down the street at 35 miles per hour in your red corvette. Some punk 19 year old rich kid in his hot car speeds up behind you and comes within inches of your bumper. You speed up a little to get away from him. He jumps up on your ass several more times, scaring the shit out of you. Finally you tap your brakes and he punches the gas and peels out around you. He is going so fast that he slides  and hits some parked cars and some people.  You pull over and call 911. The punk calls his friends who show up and all of a sudden are “witnesses”   You leave because there is police and ambulances there and you didn’t cause the accident, nor were you involved in it. There are skid marks on the road that match up to the punks car. You hear later on the news that you are wanted for questioning, so you go to the police station and are charged with murder and put in jail for months. You hire a lawyer and lose your house, your business, all your money and your kid. Now you have a public defender and a DA out to get you.

Sound like a fair deal to you?



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