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Brian Surewood Update

Brian Barnes, p/k/a Brian Surewood, is languishing in the murdering gangbanger section of the LA County Jail. He gets to shower once every two weeks, and sees sunlight one hour per week. The D.A. is going after a murder charge on Brian, saying that road rage is a “premeditated violent act” that led to a death. Therefore, it is murder, not manslaughter.

Brian is broke. The victim’s family has filed a $60M civil suit against him, but likely will never see a penny. There are also chasing anyone else remotely related to the incident. Rumor has it, they will be filing a civil suit against Vince Vouyer and Vouyer Media, as Surewood was leaving Vince’s set when the incident occured.

If anyone would like to write Brian, he can be reached at:

Brian Barnes – Booking 1013087
PO Box 86164
Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164

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