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Brian Surewood Writes me from Prison- part 1

Porn stud Brian Surewood ( aka Brian Barnes) writes me from a prison in the LA area. Brian is there because of a car incident that resulted in a child’s death. Brian says he is totally innocent. He has now lost his home, his business ( a medical marijuana shop) and his son, who must now live with his mother in a drug infested neighborhood. Because of Brian’s lack of funds he is now using a public defender.

Is there a criminal attorney in LA that can take his case pro bono ?

I believe that Brian is the perfect fall guy for the DA because of his job in porn, his pot business and his tattooed biker looks.

Of course I have no way of knowing for sure whether Brian is innocent or guilty, but he certainly deserves a fair trial and the way things are playing out right now, it doesn’t look like he is going to get one.

More on this later…

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