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Briana Banks Intrvw-Pt 1- She likes Alexis Texas


Interview By Cindi Loftus

Photos Courtesy Of Briana Banks Entertainment

©2009 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: So tell me what you have been up too since I have interviewed you last, what was that, two years ago? I think we do an interview every two years or so.
Briana: I wasn’t missing, I did I think two movies for Vivid.
X: Congratulations on you’re nominations for AVN awards.
B: Thank you. I am being inducted into their Hall Of Fame.
X: That’s great. So since we last interviewed; you did a couple movies, you took some time for yourself and you had a couple crummy boyfriends.
B: Yeah, what’s new? (Laughs)
X: I know you had one you talked about who robbed you.
B: What happened is that I learned a valuable lesson and now I am flying solo. I have so much going on that I can just step away from that whole game for a while. I’m working on my career. This is my last strut and I want to make it a good one.
X: It’s a great new beginning for you, starting your own company and running it. And you shot your first movie just a little while ago. How did the shoot go?
B: It went well. I met a lot of new people, maybe not new in the business, but people that I haven’t met yet, because before I mostly worked with the Vivid people. I now had the opportunity to meet other people.
X: You got to pick who you wanted to work with, so whom did you pick?
B: Alexis Texas.
X: Nice big ass, huh?
B: Yeah. There is one great shot where I am behind her butt, for her 8×10 I am in the background behind the butt. It was awesome. We had Madelyn Marie, Angie Savage, Angelina Valentine then guys we had Erik Everhard, because every time I do a movie I have to do a scene with Erik, he’s one of my favorite guys to work with.
X: It’s part of the rules.
B: It is part of the rules that he has to be in the movie to help save me when I am struggling. (laughs) He carries his own weight……….

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