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Brianna Beach Interview


Brianna Beach- Her name makes you think of a breezy day in the sunshine, walking on the sand, watching the waves crash, just relaxing and enjoying yourself. Her name fits her well. Brianna is a calm, smart girl, who is fun to be around, laughs easily and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Being a swinger in her personal life lead her to being a porn star in the public eye. She likes her life, loves her job and is just a romantic at heart……..

Interview By Cindi Loftus courtesy of Xcitement Magazine

Photos by Richard Kent

To see naked layout (First pics of Brianna’s new boobs) click here. WARNiNG NUDITY


Adult Fun: Good Morning! How are you?
Brianna: I’m good. How are you doing today?
AF: Good. I’m just waking up. I know you are a Florida girl. Did you grow up in Miami?
B: No. I grew up in Ohio.
AF: Ohio. Funny. When you say Ohio, I can hear your Ohio-ian accent.
B: I have an accent? In Ohio we also go to Skew-wool. We don’t go to School. It has two syllables.
AF: What was your first job?
B: I worked at Cedar Point, which is a big amusement park.
AF: What did you do there?
B: I was a Sweeper-ette. They put us in little tiny short shorts with suspenders and gave us tongs and a bucket and we had go out in the park and pick up trash and cigarette butts in the grass. I think we were used as sex objects at the time. That’s why there was a lawsuit, and there are men doing it now too. And they wear these long covered uniforms.
AF: So you picked up garbage in almost no clothes.
B: Yes. (Laughs)
AF: So that’s what started you on the way to your future career!
B: Maybe that’s it.
AF: So when did you make the leap from picking up trash in short shorts to taking off your clothes?
B: I started talking off my clothes way before that. (Laughs) But I didn’t do it on camera until later.
AF: What lead you to porn?
B: I was a swinger in a previous relationship for three or four years. We were pretty comfortable being nude in front of others and having sex with others and so finally he and I decided hell, we should make money for this. So we looked on the internet and the alternative papers, and we found Bang Brothers, and Milf Hunters. And Milf Hunters ended up being my first shoot.
AF: So how did you get from a Sweeper-ette in Ohio to a swinger/porn star in Florida?
B: What happened in between? How did I become a major freak?
AF: (Laughs) A really bad acid trip?
B: That lasted five years? No, uhm I always wanted to get out of Ohio. And I was with that same boyfriend, and he got accepted to law school in Miami. So we packed up our stuff like the Beverly Hillbillies and hauled ass to Florida. Totally broke, I think we had three hundred dollars to our names. We got jobs at Chili’s and that’s how I ended up in Florida. And that opened up a whole new realm of things for us. We were exploring our sexuality and that’s how we got into swinging. And we found swing clubs and started to go to them.
AF: So it was South Florida, that totally corrupted you.
B: It totally opened my mind.
AF: You come across serious and professional. I would never have known you were a swinging pornstar.
B: I have the best of both worlds I guess.
AF: So you came to Florida so your boyfriend could go to law school and you could become a porn star.
B: That wasn’t my goal when I came. It just kind of happened that way.
AF: Well I like your light blonde hair and your new improved big boobs.
B: You like the boobies?
AF: Yes. Do you?
B: I do. But it took me some time to get used to them. But at first they looked odd and misshapen. But eventually they settle down and start to look like real breasts. Now I like them. Now I’m comfortable and now I’m glad I did it.
AF: Where you afraid when you first got them, like I shouldn’t have done this!
B: Yeah. I came home and I said those are not boobs, those are Lego blocks!
AF: Well they look really good in the pictures we took.
B: Thank you. That was the goal. I took some time off and had the surgery and revamped myself. I lost some weight and toned up and got the boobs and changed my hair. So there is a new Brianna Beach in LA this summer.
AF: You look fabulous, and you didn’t lose that gorgeous ass that everyone loves. You still have the booty.
B: Now I have a pair of tits to match my ass though.
AF: Exactly.  So you went to massage therapy school and are a masseuse?
B: Yes I am. I did it full time for two years. And I still do it.
AF: Well I wish I knew that when you were at my house! My massage therapist can come up to you and feel your energy and tell you where you are hurting. Do you believe in that?
B: Yes. Reiki and energy work. And then there is Chinese medicine. I know a bit about that. I also meditate everyday.
AF: Is that why you are so calm?
B: Maybe.
AF: So if my chi is blocked, can you fix that?
B: I can try.
AF: What if my sexual drive is blocked, can you fix that too Brianna?
B: (Laughs) I think so.
AF: If you were going to tell the fans to go get one of your movies, which one would it be?
B: Well I have my educational stuff that goes from erotic massage to foot jobs. I also have a brand new movie out called Jet Fuel.
AF: What happens in that one?
B: I hire a male escort, and he is Sean Michaels.
AF: Well you have good taste! If I was going to hire a male escort, he would be on my list!
B: So he shows up to my house in a nice suit and tie and I’m very nervous and anxious to meet him. And when he shows up I rip off his clothes and mall him.
AF: How was the sex with Sean Michaels?
B: Oh my God, he rocks. Can I just tell you that that man is awesome.
AF: Yes you can. So it wasn’t all acting?
B: No, no no no. There is some seriously good chemistry between us. I love working with him.
AF: No problem with him having a major schlong?
B: No pain. He knows how to use it for sure.
AF: What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
B: I don’t know how weird it is, but it was ballsy. I was at a restaurant in Miami.  My boyfriend and I talked about sex the entire dinner to the point where we couldn’t take it anymore. So we went out on the veranda, on the water. We went down to the end where there were some people but not as many. I was bent over looking at the water and all of a sudden I feel the zipper go down on his pants and feel his cock against me, which was really nice. And next thing I know he is inside me while I am bent over the rail.
AF: Could anyone tell what was going on?
B: I think a few people had an idea. But I think they were more interesting in watching then to tell on us. So we had a little bit of an audience. That was fun.
AF: You must have had sex on the beach before.
B: Yes. On the fourth of July, during the fire works. That was hot.
AF: Do you get recognized in public?
B: When I am out and about people will notice me, but I can’t tell if they know who I am, or if they are just thinking I am a hot girl or something. Most of the time people don’t say anything. One time I got recognized I was with family. I walked into a little bar on the beach in Ft Lauderdale and I noticed that three people standing behind the bar were staring at me. The guy came around the bar and looked at my foot and said I recognize that tattoo. He said I know who you are. And I said you can just keep that to yourself right now because I am here with family.
AF: And did he?
B: Yes, he was respectful after that.
AF: You told me about Jet Fuel with Sean. What is the best sex scene you have ever shot?
B: Uhm. That one would be up there. The one with Sean and there’s one with Eric Everhard that were really hot. At the time I shot it for third degree, they weren’t sure which movie it was going in. It is something asses.
AF: (I searched and could not find it)
B: Those two scenes are really good, because my connection with those two people is very real. They are hot!
AF: What is the nicest thing a fan ever did for you ?
B: I have lots of nice fans. They mail me little sexy lingerie outfits, or bring me flowers. A lot of them know that I like wine and cheese, so they will bring me wine from around the country. I’m also a reader. So they will bring me different books, like someone brought me the Iliad. Another one brought me the Agony and the Ecstasy. I like classics.
AF: I like classics too. That’s funny though to think a fan goes to the bookstore to buy Brianna, porn star, some classical literature.
B: Those few realize that I may be a freak in front of the camera but then they talk to me and realize that I am intelligent and down to earth. I’m real with them, and I think they respect me for that.
AF: A lot of people like you because you are so real.
B: Yes we do.
AF: What is your favorite TV show?
B: Speaking of good taste, it is No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. He’s a sexy man.
AF: Isn’t he the guy who eats anything and everything?
B: Kind of. He tries it. I like his commentary. His is very witty.
AF: He is funny, but he is sarcastic funny.
B: That’s my kind of humor.
AF: So would you like to go on No Reservations and travel somewhere and eat Bull Balls with Anthony Bordain.
B: I don’t know about the Bull’s balls. But I would like to travel with him.
AF: Have you ever tried something really strange to eat?
B: I am not adventurous with food at all. I don’t even eat fish.
AF: I hate fish. But one time when I was in St Maartin I ate goat, but I was starving and I wasn’t sure what it was. I’ve tasted fried alligator before also.
B: I’ve tried alligator before, but it is too gristly.
AF: To me it was terrible. I thought it had the texture of pencil erasers and tasted like fish and dark meat chicken mixed together. Did you like it?
B: I wouldn’t say I liked it. But it wasn’t bad.
AF: Would you eat a raw oyster?
B: I would never eat a raw oyster.
AF: It looks like boogers. And then it moves when you put lemon juice on it, because it is still alive.
B: It looks like someone hawked up a big loogey.
AF: Ewww. I am gagging just talking about it.
B: Strong gag reflex?
AF: Yes, so I wouldn’t be good at a really deep throat blow job.
B: (Laughs)
AF: Speaking of blow jobs. It’s pretty funny that you and I were trying to connect to set up this interview and I e-mail one of my friends (Brandon Iron) and he e-mails me back, Brianna Beach is about to fellate me right now. Can I e-mail you later?
B: (Cracks up) It is a small world.
AF: I wrote him back, well when you are done with your “fellation” will you ask Brianna to call me.
B: He did, he told me he was talking to you. It was right before our scene. He has a nice dick. I didn’t know that, because I had never met him before.
AF: And he’s a very nice person too. What do you think about when you masturbate?
B: What do I think about?
AF: Yes, you can just say Cindi, going to her house… Just kidding.
B: Cindi’s boobies pressed up against mine.
AF: Eh, don’t start talking like that, I’ll have to go back to bed.
B: Masturbation is something that is very erotic for me. Obviously I get a lot of my hardcore freaky stuff out on camera. So when I am alone and quiet and masturbating, I like to let it build. I’ll lay there for a half an hour and just think and let the picture build up and torture myself before I even touch myself. I’ll think about whoever has come into my life recently that I don’t know very well yet, because that is how I play out my fantasy. I think about what they might be like, what they might do. The mystery that I don’t really know them lets me put them in any shoes I want too. It’s very slow, I think about lots of kissing, very passionate making out.
AF: Sounds like you are a romantic girl. Like you would read those kind of novels.
B: I do. I am guilty.
AF: What is your unfulfilled fantasy.
B: They change. Right now all I want is someone to take me away to somewhere quiet, like a ride to the beach and make love to me slowly.
AF: When I print this I am sure you will have many volunteers! So what is you ideal guy like, for those who would like to apply?
B: He is a laid back, type B personality. Maybe a little artsy. Someone that can make me laugh, that is intelligent. As far as looks, I date a variety of types, races, everything. I don’t have a physical type per say.
AF: Do you have a website?
B: Right now if you go to it takes you to my myspace page.
AF: Your myspace page that you are going to learn how to use so people can contact you through it.
B: Exactly.
AF: (Laughs) Okay, how can people that want to hire you get a hold of you?
B: I’m with A List Talent. (
AF: And how long will you be in LA?
B: Probably another month.
AF: Do you do feature dancing?
B: No, not yet but I would like too.
AF: Do you have a message for your fans?
B: I do. I love everybody. Thanks for watching and thanks for being my fan!

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