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Britney Amber, a top pornstar who has been in the industry for more than a decade’s star, continues to shine even brighter. This mature bitch has basically everything that it takes to be an exceptionally hot porn doll. Her blue gorgeous eyes and designer boobies notwithstanding. Britney knew from a tender age that she was meant for the industry. Before she had worked as an auditor, a job that couldn’t finance her expensive lifestyle.

Luckily for her, however, she knew a couple of girls who knew their way around the industry. Therefore, she landed like a goddamn storm. And due to her undisputed beauty, everyone wanted to shoot with her. Before she even knew it, her skills and sexy body were making headlines everywhere. Whether it was in porn parodies, gangbangs, filthy taboo sex scenes, cuckold, extreme BDSM scenes, and so much more. She was basically unstoppable and still is from the views below.

1. Stud gets rid of blue balls with hot MILF (PornHub)

Britney Amber is the sort of stepmom who’ll be up when you come back from a wild night of raving. Even better, for her stepson, when he comes home with a girlfriend too drunk to fuck, Britney takes over. After all, nobody sucks cock better than a mature nympho, and there is no way she was going to let a massive boner like Jordi’s go to waste. Therefore, let the cat and dog games begin as the two fuck hard in the kitchen behind Jordi’s half-asleep girlfriend. Like damn! I can only imagine the thrill!

2. Britney Amber takes screaming anal fuck with Mandingo (xHamster)

Well, there are those times that you want to cut the bullshit and watch some bitch sliding into some goddamned pants, right? Here is Britney Ambers, an exceptionally hot mature slut getting down Mandingo’s bulgy pants. The whore loves her throat, getting stuffed up with huge meat. In fact, you should see how sloppy and slippery she leaves it from her throat, then you can understand why he jumps into her pussy that shit hole that hungrily. It is almost as if she had poked a hungry tight, dry land predator.

3. Perfect body milf gets fucked in front of her son (XVideos)

There are just those people who can’t keep their hands off cute stuff that does not belong to them. I’m talking about the likes of Britney Amber, who are bound to be caught stealing lingerie in stores. However, this time around her perfect shapely ass is in even bigger trouble after being caught with her stepson. This is because she’s gotta pay the price of taking what does not belong to her in front of him. And unfortunately, it involves sucking and taking on the security guard’s huge cock in front of his stepson. How fucking messed up is that?

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4. Big tit step aunt helps me cum (PornHub)

They say the world is different if anyone cares to look at it in a different set of eyes. For instance, in this case, Britney Amber’s brother can’t help but lecture his son on how to behave when his aunt comes around. However, on the other end, it is not even his son he should be worried about but his fucking sister. This is because she’s a real slut who will go to any end to her mature pussy pumped. No wonder she ends up getting her niece to fuck the hell out of her pussy. In fact, he only stops to get a taste of it in his mouth while eating it up.

5. Babes (XNXX)

Well, with hot mature wives like Britney Amber, I wonder how tempting door to door Campaigns can really get. For instance, Tyler, a newbie politician on his door to door mission to liaise for votes. He comes across this horny mature slut, Britney Amber. The only way he was going to convince her wanty ass to vote for him is if he dicked her pretty good. Therefore, he goes ahead and conforms to her nasty appetite for cock, pummeling her cunt away to orgasms.

6. Britney Amber gangbanged in bondage (xHamster)

Britney Ambers invites a gang of bad boys to an innocent party. This puts her perfect ass into trouble because they come with a lousy party planned out in their shitty heads. First, they tear up her pretty party dress, then they reach out to grab on her solid enough titties and, of course, fill up her throat with their monstrous dongs. For crying out loud, one would imagine they were looking to choke her sexiness to death while, in reality, everyone was just trying hard to get a piece of her. And this they do, taking turns to drill hard into her pussy and mess up her titties and face with their sticky messes.

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7. Dude ties up and anal fucks big ass neighbor (XVideos)

You’ve got to be lucky if you’ve not lived near trashy and bothersome neighbors like Britney Ambers. Ever since this bitch moved to this neighborhood, there’s been lots of vandalism, and even worse is the random trash all over people’s homes. Well, her neighbor is practically fed up with her behavior, so when she dares to come around with some shitty proposal. He takes it upon himself to punish her for turning the neighborhood into some trashy place. He does this by tying her up in bet and scoring through her incredibly tight asshole and spanking her huge round ass pink.

8. Mom is tricked into sex by horny stepson – this pussy is for your dad only (PornHub)

It seems like there is so much pressure in this house with the stepmom, Britney Amber quarreling and screaming at her stepson for being up on her daughter’s nerves. Little does she know that she’s actually dealing with an actual freak. This is until he actually shows her his bones up cock claiming it’s been like that for two days. As a good apologetic mother, she finds herself trying to help him so nice he bluntly refuses to go to the hospital. Somehow, however, he ends up just not tricking her into undressing but also spreading his daddy’s pussy for him to wreck up.

9. Cuckold watches anal slut Britney Amber gets dp’d (xHamster)

Britney Amber’s husband comes home to find her slutty wife receiving cock in all her holes. She’s basically the type of slut who can be able to her own and some. Therefore, she gets her pussy drilled, and asshole stretched to its limit as her husband watches and masturbates. Apparently, he loves watching his dirty slut of a wife playing dirty and getting huge big black cocks stuffed into all her holes. One thing that she was fucking loving it if not enjoying all the attention being given to her.

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10. Busty lovers wanna slide their dicks between Britney Amber’s amazing boobs (XVideos)

It’s not unlike a bitch such as Britney Amber to get obsessed with fucking some motherfucker. No wonder, before her lover arrives at her crib to take care of her horny needs she is already fantasizing and masturbating hard about him. But, if you look at it in another way, this mature slut is fucking hot with her perfect shape body and huge titties popping off her bra. In any case, nobody wouldn’t give anything to fuck her titties leave alone her to glistening wet pussy. No wonder, he drills through her like some rogue stallion.

11. Cheating slut caught; easily persuaded into giving up her tight little hole (PornHub)

You did not expect a slutty bitch like Britney Amber to be faithful, did you? Well, you had better not because she is literally caught by her boyfriend’s best friend blowing some random dude. And now, she’s gotta pay a hefty price to keep his mouth shut. But, if you look at it closer, she’s already used to being a whore, and it was only fair for him to want to get his share of the candy too. For this reason, he goes ahead to demand to see her gorgeous titties, fucks them, and her pussy. And to top it up takes total delight in making her suck his balls dry.

12. Britney Amber Xander Corvus (xHamster)

Britney Amber is such a generous porn film teacher! Instead of awarding a huge cocked dude poor marks for filming a porno poorly, she decides to be the subject in his movie right in the classroom and evaluate his performance at a close and personal level. Well, at first, he pretty much seems like a calm student ready to play within her dirty antics. But it only takes a few minutes to get him to bring his ruthless fucking game on board. I am telling you, I bet even she did not expect him to get her screaming that loud.

13. Luscious stepmom Britney Amber pussy licked and pounded (XVideos)

Forbidden pleasures always seem to be beckoning at Britney Amber’s door. This is perhaps because she’s got a body too perfect for any mature bitch. Also, there is something way too sensually infringing about her that makes anyone around here want to grab her. Well, maybe you should watch just how confidently her stepson turns to her, grabbing her and eating from her pussy right on her kitchen table. This is before he plants his dick deep into her and digs away, letting her enjoy every fucking inch of it.

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14. Escort gets plowed, client empties his nuts on her face…and the wall (PornHub)

Britney Amber is such a lying piece of shit for a hotwife. This is because she lies to her husband that she’s been called to the hospital for an emergency. At the same time, she’s off attending to a client on an escorting basis. But who cares anyway? She is such a fantastic cock sucking and riding bitch any anyone would definitely not regret hiring her. You should see how hard she fucking chokes on his huge cock, before finally spreading out her cookie jar for him to eat from it. Like goddamnit! Some shit people do for money.

15. Hot milf dicked over her kitchen counter (XNXX)

To marry a sexy mature MILF is one thing, and to have so much sensual fun with her basically anywhere in the house is another thing altogether. Take, for instance, Britney Amber, a hot MILF whose husband cannot get enough of her gorgeous body. In any case, he fucking follows her to the kitchen just to tear her fucking pussy apart on top of their kitchen counter. How delightful, right? I bet this is precisely the sort of marriage relationship every motherfucker dreams of.


Britney Amber is definitely one of the horny MILFs I bet everyone would love to bang. And it’s just delightful how she manages to get herself into bad fucking situations for your enjoyment. Don’t you think?

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