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Brittany Andrews As DJ- Pics

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Former Manhatten Madam Kristen Davis was back making headlines this weekend, for hooking up another rich guy with some very sexy ladies. Not to worry- no money exchanged.  

Brittany Andrews & Alexis Ford
Gossip site punching bag Tareq Sahali was on birthday girl Kristen arm for most of the night.  The two insisted they were not a new item, but just friends enjoying the evening.  Sahali announced his divorce from his wife Michaele after she ran-away with member of the group Journey.

Alexis Ford & Kristin Davis

Sahali seemed very high in spirits as he dances to beat spun by celeb DJ and Porn Legend Brittany Andrews.  There were a bevey of sexy ladies at the Player’s Ball themed party. Including porn actresses Alexis Ford , Natasha Starr and Penthouse pet  Anju McIntyre.  Sexpert and Playboy radio host Lola Bastinado was also enjoying the festivities in full pimp entire.

Alexis Ford & Brittany Andrews
Davis is getting ready for the release of her upcoming book “Sex Secrets”. 

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