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Brittany Andrews in Tokyo During Huge Earthquake!

NL_This is Brit in her Hotel room in Japan before all the craziness ensued. Here’s  a report from  I will have an update from Brittany this afternoon…

Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- We have gotten word that our friend and industry performer/director Brittany Andrews is in Japan and is stuck in the chaos that is happening at this moment.
We have gotten reports from many people but Audrey Bittoni has written that Brittany, after the first 8.9 earthquake was stuck in a hotel stairwell for hours while 2 separate floors of the same hotel were burning with flames and smoke.
We then learned Miss Brittany finally escaped the hotel and made her way to a safer area. After that she passed out for a couple of hours from exhaustion only to be awoken by the latest 6.6 earthquake that just happened.
All of this is just here say and info strung together from texts and twitter updates, but we thought you would like to know.
We want to let Brittany Andrews know she is in our thoughts as are all of the people in this tragedy..
Please keep trying to find the safe place Brittany, we all love you… But no matter how much you scare us, your still not getting my butt..  Come home safe woman…..

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