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Brittany Andrews On Her Way Home? YES! She’s Back!

UPDATE!!  Britt writes-Wanted Everyone to Know I’m Back in The USA! And to say a HUGE Thank You to All my Friends, Family and Fans for all the Support.


UPDATE!!!!!  Britt writes-We Have Take Off! Speak to Everyone When I Land to Let U All Know Miss B is Home and Safe!! Love U All!!!

Original news was… (Thanks J) Award winning adult performer, business owner and film producer, Brittany Andrews was caught in Tokyo in the 50th floor of a skyscraper yesterday when the earthquake hit. She had to walk down 100 flights of stairs while fires burned in the building. She was ok after the initial quake, and has been through many aftershocks. With most line of communication down, her friends and fans have been following the ongoing drama as it unfolds via Brittany’s Twitter account which she has been updated through her Blackberry.
Presently she is at the Narita airport , after a 5 hour taxi through the stricken area, only to find it has been closed for the night. They are issuing the stranded sleeping bags..

NL- After living thru an earthquake, a fire in her hotel, an 8 hour ride thru traffic to the airport, Brittany finds that her flight won’t be leaving for quite a while. Here are her messages in the last 12 hours or so…


Its been 3 days since I got more then an hour & a half of sleep per night. Exhausted and Wide Awake!

My Phone and Laptop both Batteries are dying. Its 2am  guess I should find an outlet – Not Easy- and set up shop for the next few hours.

I picked a sweet space to crash last night I even slept 4 2 hours Outlet & bathroom close by &out of way so I havent had to move my shit yet

There’s so Many aftershocks and Earthquakes they all blend together. Sometimes the earth will just be shaking for over an hour.

Guess Whose Skippy Happy that’s She’s an AA Platinum Member! Me- Yes!! Got a seat on the 6:20pm Flight to NYC Baby!! WoooWooo

As long as the flight is not Cancelled or Delayed or we All don’t Die of an Earthquake or Nuclear Explosion!

NL- That’s the last I’ve heard from Brittany, about three hours ago. I’m just hoping she’s on a plane on the way back to NYC!!!

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