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Brittany Andrews Takes on 9-11 Controversy


The 9-11 themed drama entitled Blindfold, produced by adult superstar Brittany Andrews and will make its World Premiere at the Canada International Film Festival April 2, 2011. Written and Directed by Teace Snyder, Blindfold focuses on the strained relationship between a widowed father and his 10 year old daughter after the young girl is subpoenaed for giving a controversial presentation about 9/11 to her class. The father must then confront both of their feelings about the family member they lost in the attack.
Blindfold is the 4th mainstream film project of Miss Andrews to make its film festival debut in the last year. Her previously produced projects Crumble and Trick of the Witch won six awards between them during their last screenings. Her other project These Showers Can Talk (which she also acted in) has been garnering high praise and many invites to screen various high profile festivals as well.
“I first had the idea for Blindfold after hearing about the 9/11 Truth Movement” says Synder. “What I realized as I spoke to more and more people about it was that: a deep resentment towards the idea and a wide variety of buried emotions surrounded the issue. I had never experienced such passion and anger for simply exploring a subject and, not surprisingly, those strong emotions helped motivate me creatively.”
“Teace and I have worked on various projects together” says Andrews. “I always enjoy working with him. He is a creative and focused director with a definite vision. We both brought about different angles within the 911 theme. Our main goal was to be sensitive to all especially those who have lost family and friends in the attack. To be able to film this project here in New York also during the 9.11 anniversary at Ground Zero brought up a lot of strong emotions that we thought added a lot of sincerity to the film.
“Ultimately, it’s not the point of the film to conclude what did or did not happen that day.” says director Syder. “I purposefully left details about the 9/11 Truth debate out of the film, knowing well that they would only convolute and interfere with the emotions of the viewer. Instead, my intention with Blindfold is to address the wide range of feelings and opinions not only we as Americans have, but the entire world, regarding the events of 9/11 and how so much has changed since then. Because whether we like to admit it or not, I believe we’re still deeply hurt by what happened that day.”
Blindfold stars theater actor Daniel Harray and young newcomer Anise Jade Falco and was shot on location in New York City with Andrews mainstream film company Discipline Filmworks supervising production. “I’m proud to call Canada home” says director Synder “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere my film here. Vancouver has always been one of my favorite cities, and the acceptance of Blindfold into the Canadian International Film Festival has given me yet another reason to love Vancouver.”
In addition to Blindfold, the New York Independent Film & Video Festival will showcase a night of Miss Andrews mainstream projects during its upcoming festival which will take place in Manhattan April 28 to May 5th.
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