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Brittany Andrews Won’t “Lose the Condoms”


Nominated for an XBiz 2011 Performer Comeback of the Year Award and an AVN 2011 Award Nomination for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene, Adult Legend Miss Brittany Andrews plans to take AVN by storm with the launch of a new company she will be announcing very soon, but her short comeback to the adult biz has left a bittersweet taste in her mouth.

Returning to the adult business after a 3 year retirement to attend film school in New York City and to focus on mainstream film and television production, Miss Andrews decided to have a little fun by returning to her adult roots by signing on to play her dream role of Samantha in New Sensations Sex & The City Parody – the role for which she was nominated. Always a condom only performer for over 15 years in the industry, Andrews ran into a major road block shortly after wrapping her comeback film.

“I excitingly put the word out to all of the adult agencies and production companies that I was heading to Los Angeles to continue my comeback full force and I immediately was told by every single person that nobody will hire me unless I choose to lose the condoms! This was a very big shock to me as the first thing I learned as a mainstream Producer is to always protect your actors health and safety.”  Andrews stood her ground and continued to contact old peers to see who was willing to make exceptions. Which unfortunately did not lead her to many options. Still after 5 months being back in the biz she has still only been able to shoot the one film to her dismay. “Think of how many nominations I could have got if I was able to shoot more then one movie!”

Next year Miss Andrews will have been in the adult business for 20 years. “Over the years I have known so many people who have contracted HIV and or Hep C and other various STDs. It is so sad as you know them and they are family and you see how it affects them all long term. Since I started doing films in 1995 almost every other year or so there is an outbreak of some sort. We also don’t test for Hep C and that is a very dangerous disease as well that many people in the business have and they are suffering from.”

“I have always been an advocate for condom only scenes out of respect for not only myself but for friends who have had to live with these diseases. Sometimes the adult industry wants everything to be about the 1st Amendment and free speech but I feel  that this is a performer health and safety issue. People who aren’t performers shouldn’t be able to not give talent a choice. The talent are the ones who have to lie on there backs and spread their legs and live with the consequences– it’s their body and their health.  Nobody should be able to take away your right to protect yourself in your workplace. This is America!!“

A lot of other Talent have expressed to Andrews that they agree with her and feel the same way but the majority claim they do not want to jeopardize their reputation in the industry. Miss Andrews hopes that other performers who are hesitant to speak up in fear of losing bookings will band together and be more vocal about there rights to protect themselves and not be swayed by this new industry standard that has no respect for performers health or choices.

“I am very thankful to be nominated among my hard working peers for doing only one comeback film but I am very hopeful that the industry will come to the conclusion that they need to protect there valuable resource which is their talent.  As I very much would like to continue my comeback and be able to do other films. This is what I want and what my fans want. I hope the business that I have loved for almost 20 years will give us performers the ability to entertain our audiences while making positive choices concerning our own personal health on film.

Miss Andrews wishes to stand strong and continue being an advocate for Condom Only performers.  She has been Condoms Only her Entire Career – which most in this business cannot say. If any press is interested in interviewing Miss Andrews for her thoughts on the war in the adult business over condom use, please contact her office to schedule an interview.

Office – 213-620-9383
[email protected]

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