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Broken Links Contest Update


Thank you to all who have sent me broken links. Please continue so I can get them fixed. In the lead right now is ….

Kelli with 41



I NEED HELP- Win 10 Good Porn DVD’s and more

I need help, well yes mental help, but that’s not what I’m talking about right now. When the site was transfered many of the links in the archives were broken. In order to fix them I have to find them. Here’s where you come in….

Go read a story in the archives that interests you and while you are there click all the links. If any of them don’t go anywhere copy and paste the addy in an e-mail. You get one point for EACH broken link, so  please specify which link(s) are broken in the story, put your LIB poster name on the note and send it to me.

Send in as many e-mails as you want over the next month. I’ll keep track of the points. On Monday October 6, I’ll announce the winner. You obviously have to be old enough to have porn and in a place where it’s legal to ship adult material to get the prizes. I’ll send out ten GOOD porn DVD’s and some other interesting stuff like toys and mags I have in my closet.

THanks in advance. Any questions e-mail me.
[email protected]

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