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Brooke Ashley- No Longer Involved with the Pink Cross

Brooke Ashley aka Ann Marie  writes me I am not in any way involved with the Pink Cross any more.

I asked why?

Well when she requires an entourage to enter the convention, and I was told by Pink Cross if I were to smoke medical marijuana I would have to take off the Pink Cross shirt if I wanted to reenter.  I have had hiv for 13 years, been on chemo twice, and no one will have the priviledge of taking away my medical marijuana.  I have been throwing up for two years every day and been on liver chemo twice.  I don’t feel I have to justify this. And how do I feel about porn personally?  Like the workers or performers should be made safe.  The testimony is real, so is the hiv.  I just am not mad at the industry, nor do I want to “take down pornography”.  Coming to the AVN convention, I realized that there are a lot of people I still care deeply for, even though I am no longer in the industry.  Marriage for me, was my step out of the business and my start to a family oriented lifestyle which I value immensely. 

love, Ann Marie


Ann Marie aka Brooke’s testimony is now gone from the Pink Cross site, it says page not found. I have some of the story posted on LIB tho. Look here

Shelley Of course I want to hear your side of things

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