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Brooke Ashley Speaks Out on her HIV

OP/ED by BROOKE ASHLEY who speaks about HIV on

Here is an excerpt from her story

“On March 29, 1998, I tested positive for HIV. I had made a movie that was to be my last. I was given lines of cocaine before the movie and a bottle of my favorite champagne to drink during the movie. I remember countless men, many of which I knew, some I did not. And I remember crying and asking them to stop because it hurt so much. I didn’t truly understand what I was in for. The movie was titled World’s Biggest Anal Gang Bang. I had done gang bangs before but this was brutal and they said if they did not get the 2 and a half minutes footage per man, I would not get the $15,000. What a price to pay for your life. And wouldn’t you know it, the checks bounced. Time went by, it wasn’t till I was to work on another movie for Michael C. that the test I had at that time was okay but the one I took the day before was positive.

I was devastated. I was lonely, I felt like GOD had abandoned me. Someone I had known for six years, had forged his test and infected me and five other women in the adult industry. I was so hurt. I felt like I was dying emotionally. My heart and chest never hurt so much before. Every time I would wake up, I would cry myself back to sleep. How could this be? Could this be a mistake I wanted to convince myself. But it wasn’t. Soon after I had newspapers and tv shows calling me and tabloids even. I never wanted to be invisible so much.”

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