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Brooke Balentyne Update

She blogs March 13:

Well, this morning, I woke up in my baracated room. It’s a long story….

If my day was a song…today it would be.. one burban, one shot, one beer…..

My throat was scratchy so I gargled with Whiskey. My friends that gave it to me, told me it would help. After the numbing and burning sensation went away….my throat…still scratchy.

When life is bad, I try to laugh at it. So if you see me smiling so hard that I look like a crack head who needs exactly thirty seven cents…it’s probably not a good day.

I wish people who talked smack about me would say it to my face. That way I could shove my tounge down their throat just for good measure. They want it anyway…I’m brookalicious..haha…love it.. And what better way to leave a lasting impression…then I can talk about what a bad kisser they are. hehehehe I’m only kidding…

It’s so wierd. In high school, no one liked me because I was the girl that wore high waters and dirty shirts. That and I din’t really know how to talk. PARENTS: If you’re raising your kid, don’t lock them in the bathroom while you’re at work. It gets really lonely in there…and there’s not a lot of healthy reading material for a little person. Don’t you know.. that’s where daddy keeps his porn. …I had pretend friends. I’m so serious. Shannon Foster, hey girl, it was in the fourth grade…but I remember…she comes up to me one day and whispers “Hey. I like you… and i’m your friend…but if I don’t pick on you, they’re not going to like me.” And my quarky ass was like, “Okay…cool beans…you like me yaaaaay.” This was my foundation that defined friendship.

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