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Brooke Haven, Tricia Deveraux On KSEX

Gene Ross reports:

“I’m working about three or four times a month now,” Haven continues. “My shoots have slowed down tremendously.”

Because of that, Haven, who’s been with LA Direct since the very start of her career, said she had entertained the thought of going to another agency and testing the waters. Whether she would actually do that remains another issue, she says. Another consideration, she says, is the fact that LA Direct may be repping as many as 120 girls right now. Way more then when Haven first signed up with them.

Haven, who will be 28 in November, is basically saying do the math. Besides, another reason may hold Haven to the fort.

“Derek and I have a history of dating,” she explains. “He gets more sensitive with me, and he gets distraught with the idea of me going to another agency.”

“A lot of people might think he’s a jerk and an asshole but he’s a business man,” Hefner observes.


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