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Brooklyn, Biohazard, Oz & Evan Seinfeld-Part 1

I never thought of myself as an interviewer, but after interviewing Necro I realized the interview process was a very rewarding experience for me.  Interviewing is a collaboration and as such it gave me a unique pleasure as opposed to just writing things I come up with.  I’ve decided I will selectively reach out to certain individuals I have a genuine interest in and try to ask things of them I don’t think they’ve been asked to try to extract more of the person for their fans.

My next choice for an interview subject was actually very easy; I didn’t think long and hard about it at all.  I wanted someone who is a legitimate star, someone who I was a fan of and someone in the porn world.  I sent Evan Seinfeld a message on Myspace not sure if I would hear back, but sure enough Evan was game.

Evan is best known to the mainstream public as the singer/bassist for the group Biohazard formed almost 25 years ago in Brooklyn, New York.  A mix of hardcore and metal, Biohazard are also known for being one of the first groups of that kind to fuse elements of hip hop in their music.  What I like about Biohazard is that it represented New York to the masses.  NY in my opinion more than any other locale pioneered hardcore and it’s associated ideals and lifestyle.  Whereas punk before it was all over the place, hardcore channelled the DIY ethic into more serious topical issues.  Brash and uncompromising, hardcore is about being yourself and fuck everything else.

In 1992, Biohazard released Urban Discipline, the album that unleashed Biohazard into the mainstream public.  More than being a certain genre, it’s a record about Brooklyn: the streets, violence, drugs and gangs.  Viewed today it can give younger people an idea of the landscape that was Brooklyn, which at least on the surface, does not exist anymore.  The album went platinum and the video for the song “Punishment” became the most played video in the history of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball.  Platinum was always a critical benchmark, but let’s face it, a band nowadays would sell their family to slave traders to make their album go platinum.  In 1993 Biohazard teamed up with hardcore rap group Onyx for a metal remix of their song “Slam” which led to their collaboration on the hugely influential “Judgement Night” soundtrack, which was an album entirely comprised of collaborations between metal and hip hop groups. 

In 1998 Evan made his first foray into acting portraying Jaz Hoyt on the critically acclaimed HBO prison series “Oz”.  Oz was a groundbreaking, gritty depiction of prison life with an impeccable cast.  Evan made his debut in the show’s second season and was a part of the show until the series 6th and final season in 2003.  Unbeknowest to him at the time, he would later return in front of the camera, albeit in a different way.

In 2004 Evan married the beautiful Tera Patrick in Las Vegas after a three year relationship.  It was around this time Evan began performing in adult film under the alias “Spyder Jonez.”  This fact I find extremely fascinating.  Never before had a mainstream individual made a calculated decision to enter the porn world in such a visible way.  The two have been hugely successful in their endeavors in porn and the rest is history. (More to come in Part 2)

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