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Leolulu amateur porn scenes have been a common sight on PornHub especially ranking top 10. This anonymous hot babe joined the industry two years back and she together with her best friend and assumingly boyfriend have been turning more than cock heads. I mean, it’s not just the gracious, beautiful booty, curves, natural tits and perfectly flawless skin, but the unfathomable sucking and fucking energy in their often very magnificent scenes that remains unbattled.

While no one knows the real identity of this real-life amateur couple, from what I could gather from their website, the two love birds have been together for over 5 years now. They love having lots of sex and recording videos and photos to share on their site and PornHub. Well, it seems like they’ve got it all figured out with their life motto being; to travel the world and fuck from anywhere. And I swear even I am honest with myself on the fact that I can’t simply get enough of them not on PornHub or even Twitter. Did you know that Leolulu is also one of the most popular Twitter porn profiles you should be following? Well, now you know.

1. Petite blonde with big ass fucks on the beach

Watch Leolulu give the blissful epic euphoria and magnificence of a sunny beach a whole new essence. I mean, from her perfect bootiful body which provides a fresh perfect nature match all the way down to her rogue cock appetite explosion, this nympho, she wants it where she wants it, and her man’s huge cock is having no goddamned chills about it. Trust me, even I didn’t have the slightest idea that beach sex would look this heavenly.

2. Fit teen fucked by big dick

Do you, at times wonder how boring life would be without some sugar pie darlings like Leolulu with big booties and utmost picture-perfect bodies? Well, I do because I can’t fucking live without some wild teenage hotties delights such as this one. And you can be sure as fuck that I was somewhere in between my soft strokes watching this babe’s booty gets smacked and her throat gets brutally face fucked to the point where the massive pussy monster is ready to roar in her tight wet warmth.

3. Killing him with my pussy $$ y ft. Cardi b

I don’t know whether am the only one whose dick goes wild and hard when this bitch Leolulu stretches her booty heavy to get those butt cheeks giggling in sexy tones. However, I’ll at least assume that we all love the pussy flipping and fingering teases right in the heat of her booty-shaking uncontrollably. And we all know that when she wants it, she jumps right for it smouldering it in her own warm and wet mouth and all the way deep into her mouth as if to promise paradise, which is precisely what this bad bitch delivers.

4. Perfect girl with big ass jumps on a big dick

Leolulu is every man’s dream, I mean look at how tight and well put together this bitch is; from her flawless sultry skin, long sexy legs, a million-dollar booty, tiny waistline, perky perfect titties all the way down to her every cock ready wonder of a pussy. Now, I guess it’s time you watched her play downright naughty riding and sucking cock like some geeky slut with her booty wiggling all over until there’s milk raining down off her pretty dumb girl.

5. Public sex in a parc with my best friend! 

Do you ever wonder how delightful it would be if you were walking on some park only to find some gorgeous babes stroking and dancing to some muscle’s dick? Well, this is it! Leolulu, her best friend and some big cocked hairy dude on the grass under the full armour of the sun’s Ray’s in some park; sucking and teasing both cock and pussy as her cunt received some hardcore pounding in between her nipple twists before her body ends up all creamed up.

6. Unexpected cozy winter sex w/ gorgeous girlfriend

Tell you what? You are a lucky motherfucker if your girlfriend is even half into you as much as Leolulu is with her man. I mean, it’s not every day when splendid beauty is tripping, all showy and wanty right before their man. As if to say, bring it on dude which he sure does majestically by the way in his full-on regalia after a sweet inspiring cock blowing session. Well, I bet am a natural perv or something but am getting myself a hungry kitty such as this one for my cozy winters too.

7. Thank you for 2017! Yoga pants, deepthroat, hard fuck and huge load on body

I bet when she’s thick and bubbly, there’s no goddamned way you’re missing her exercise yoga sessions. And you know why? Because it’s right there that you get to have a more blissful and yummy view of her goodies, well and if like Leolulu, she’s down for you to grab some, lucky for you and of course for us. This is because we get to watch some unlimited luscious booty grabbing, And showcase, deep cock sucking and of course some ever thrilling hardcore penetration spiced up a bit by the tight yoga pants and an extremely beautiful well-toned body.

8. Intense fuck in the treehouse with 2 cumshots!

Wait! Am I the only one who is under the perception that any free time for these young and vigilant lovers, Leolulu and her boyfriend, is fucking time? Well, it doesn’t really matter because I know no one cares less for some nice outdoor treehouse fucking with a gorgeous background of the ocean view and vegetation. And while I’ll not try to spectate on what the whole fabulous Aurora and the sweet cock strokes am sure the massive multiple cumshots you stand to witness will sure speak volumes for themselves.

9. Leolulu & Rae Lil Black team up for a crazy home sex tape

Who else loves the sound of the word crazy because am like bring it on bitches! And they sure do, Leolulu and Rae Lol Black; sucking cock deep and nasty like they were born for it. Again, stroking him harder until he can’t postpone the dig in no more. And while it’s merely crazily adorable, Rae sucks cock in between the deep pussy drills nippling right onto her bum in one of the most vivid POV scenes ever!

10. Cute teen fucking before the shower

Am sure most amateur fanatics will be dazzled by this scene. I mean, this is all we’ve asked for ages from amateur porn productions; realistic sex! In this scene, Leolulu is feeling sexy and wanty right before taking a shower, and she goes ahead to strip and tease her man, turning his attention to her tits and of course her already glistening wet kitty before rimming it hard in the shower like damnit dude!

11. Lazy afternoon sex tape

I love it when girls’ play and am compelled by the mysterious enchantment of all people deduce from Leolulu and her Blondie friend. Like these bitches sure have got some close-up touch when it comes to each other, not to mention that they are particularly hot and dripping with finesse from head to toe. And the sharing bit is also ridiculously sassy and of course sexy too, with each of them alternating to suck and get sucked, fondle each other’s breasts or just simply please her man.

12. Petite blonde deepthroat and anal big cock at home

For starters, this bitch Leolulu is as hot ASF, and when I say this I simply mean that she’s got them curves in the right places. From the yummy tight pancake butt, perky titties, gorgeous curvaceous body all the way down to flawless skin. And although her boyfriend is one hairy tattooed motherfucker, am entirely grateful to him because most of my dreams have cum true through him. Like I love their nasty play, from the butt plugs, deepthroat face fucking and delightful hardcore creamy pussy smashing in all possible positions.

13. Fucking next to a sleeping friend

Am in love with this couple seriously, like if your chemistry’s right then reactions are bound to happen anywhere at any time, right? Exactly why they choose not to waste any of these chances; with Leolulu’s dude going for her cute tight pussy even on a nap where her girl’s best friend is right by her side. Super-naughty! You can bet I love the thrill of doing something behind someone’s back all something. But it sure gets to me, the kissing, sucking and slow vigorous fucking.

14. Lazy morning suck fuck next to my friend

Well, what would a nasty beautiful couple do on a lazy morning after a great swim and absorbing the magnificent view of the sunrise beside a fabulous pool? Sex! Yeah of course, and thank god Leolulu and her dude ain’t the shy type; turning to suck cock, whetting pussy and basically fucking, right beside their best friend at the poolside. Damn! It’s incredible and judging from the way her friend’s fleshy butt lay there helpless in its glory, she sure could use some, don’t you think?

15. Lazy afternoon sex tape – part 2

Are you a sucker for petite babes? Well, Leolulu and her friend should provide the most magical and amazing porn scene ever. I mean these bitches sure know how to give and give even while being dicked. And I know many of you sure hope to fuck in trio sometime, but perhaps right it’s time to fap hard onto these fortunate hairy motherfuckers whose cock has got two playful blonde petite kitties at its beck and call. Damn! He must be feeling like the luckiest man on Earth.


Leolulu is just one among the blooming and rapidly upcoming bitches in the porn world. And while she sure serves herself hot somehow making each sex scene turn into some goddamned pussy feast, perhaps it’s time to expand your sex scope into more of these blissful young stars on the top porn tube sites. Have fun!

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