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Buck Adam’s Wake

By Bryce Wagoner

Although we wrapped principal photography last week, the gracious and legendary Amber Lynn extended us an invitation to her brother’s(Buck Adams)wake in Toluca Lake, CA.  She was joined by family and friends, both from the adult industry and not; including Brad Armstrong, and Jim South(I apologize if I didn’t recognize more).

Graciously speaking were Jeannie Pepper, Bill Margold, T.T. Boy, and a very emotional Tommy Gunn.  We were able to follow up with Jeannie, Bill, and Tommy afterwards.  There was a mix of stories told about Buck, some tearful, some joyful, all whimsical. 

Apparently Buck slept on alot of couches, and was one hell of a cook.  The race car he built was on display, and Amber really shined as a matriarch-like figure in an incredibly trying situation. 

The grandkids, nieces and nephews scurried about, and provided a side to Buck I’m sure many didn’t know.  He was one heck of grandpa and uncle. 

 Thank you Amber, it was the most generous of all gestures we’ve recieved on this project. 

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