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Bud Lee Disses Anita Cannibal

Bud Lee writes Adultfyi:

When I heard that Anita [Cannibal] has me booked for next weeks show, I was really surprised. I have not heard from her since I left a message on her phone Monday asking what the hell she is saying on her show about me.

I saw her at Adult Con and asked about it then too. She admitted she had lied. She has never sued me 3 times.

I guess I am most upset about why she said I was sued. She made it sound like I got her raped on set or something, if taken in context with the conversation at the time. Anita Cannibal has never suffered physically at my hand or by my direction. I challenge her to come up with the facts that I have caused her grevious physical harm.

I will not be appearing on her show. I am not a real big KSEX fan. They seem to have hosts who are either not in the adult business or persons who are now passe and trying to eek out one more gasp of breath in their dying career. KSEX needs to find real adult performers who are current to populate their time slots. I think they would find that their audience appeal will grow. Non adult hosts, gay men with young stars on and older retired performers are not the appeal of the internet crowd.

Oops maybe I just did grevious physical harm to the KSEX hosts.

Anita Cannibal writes on XPT:

My comment about Mr. Bud Lee and I in court has been taken to him, not me, as an allocation of physical abuse, rape, and on the set physical assault bodily injury. It seems that, not only do the people on this site hide behind fake names and the shadows of type, but also react as though they were first year law students becoming increasingly paranoid at ever spoken word. Please settle down children, didn’t anyone ever tell you not to run around with scissors in your hands? You just might hurt yourself.

Poor Bud was inundated with phone calls and questions from people on this site, apparently struck with altruistic behavior, wanting to help him with anger management resolution. That was very nice of you to be so loving and caring about a man in this business that has dedicated his life to it, however, it was reaction on your part and not a reasonable interpretation of what I wrote. I listened to Bud tell me what he heard you say to him and was very moved by how concerned you all are for him. However, Mr. Bud Lee never physically assaulted or raped me on or off the set. The court cases I was referring to have nothing to do with bodily injury, a tort, or even negligence. That you are so concerned with Mr. Lee’s mental health and state of mind is very moving but I think you would better serve society and yourself if you do community service than to react to your increasing paranoia about what you read here.

That I am so interesting to you is very cute and sweet. Unfortunately few of you seem to be capable of talking to me and instead find the remote distance and absence of interpersonal relations couched with the intimacy that stems from communications to be more comfortable. Within reason, I am always open to one on one discussion about the work site. I invite you to talk one on one with me here through email or at an industry event. You will find that I am more interested in understanding you than being understood.

Now I really must go study for a mid term people!

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