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Budapest Has More than 16 Performers with Syph

From a UK forum board

Date: 08-07-12 13:06

Fellow industry professionals – yesterday 10 performers in Budapest
tested positive for syphilis, today a further 6 = 16 as I write this. All
performers are going to our 2 clinics here today and tomorrow to have
a new “full test” (HIV, Syph/Gonr/Hepatitis) + an extra more complex
test for syphilis. As of today all Talent have stopped work until a new
bout of tests on the 21st, after which, if things are improving, all
performers will be required to be be tested weekly until further notice.
Jim Slip and others can confirm that we take tests very seriously in
Budapest and have good clinics.
Rumours abound – it was caused by swingers, czechs, russians….It
doers not matter. We live in a real world.
However, I strongly advise all British performers who might have worked
with Hungarian & Czech talent in the past 3 weeks to have a fresh test
for syphilis. Producers planning to come here would be advised to give
it 3-6 weeks and I will keep bgafd updated.

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