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Yes, the title of this blog post is exactly what it seems. No, the product doesn’t go by that specific name (though I think it should – I’d be willing to sell for a small fee!) There’s this awesome new browser application that recently hit the web which allows you to FINALLY control the fate of a females’ best friend – her trusty dildo! This revolutionary app has been boringly dubbed “The Dildo Generator” – but the endless possibilities are sure to excite! Still unsure of what I’m getting at? Here’s a tase:

Bevels, Bending and Building Sex Toys OH MY!


This browser app is built by a guy named Ikaros Kappler, and it’s described as an “extrusion/revolution” generator. He’s taken a complicated 3D software (Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema4D etc.) and watered it down to a neatly packaged webpage, which is actually pretty mind blowing. Of course, with 3D printing on the rise, one can imagine the many ways women are about to be penetrated! To absolutely no one’s surprise, the application even contains an “export to 3D printer” option readily available. WOMEN, START YOUR MOUSE CLICKS!



Imgur has summed up the Tumblr findings related to the construction of what I like to call, “the people’s dildo collective” and it’s fucking hilarious. Here’s a few of my favourites (click pictures to enlarge):

User Named: "The Smurf Dick"

User Named: “The Smurf Dick”

User Named: "The Jet Turbine"

User Named: “The Jet Turbine”

User Named: "The Trumpet"

User Named: “The Trumpet”

User Named: "King Me"

User Named: “King Me”



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