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Buy a Bieber For Your Beaver

Justin Bieber dildo?

Weeks ago in sunny Bora Bora, paparazzi captured Justin Bieber in the nude and immediately began taking pictures because that’s definitely the right thing to do (see sarcasm.) See the original Justin Bieber dick pics post.

Since then inquiries about the Biebs dick have been everywhere. In fact its grown so popular that fans named his penis “Jerry.” Whether or not you’re excited and like it you’re just going to have to accept that news surrounding this pop stars penis is a thing.

Sex toy maker, Clone-A-Willy has stepped up to the plate and offered Justin Bieber one million dollars to make a model of his penis to sell because all celebrities need more money. I’m just wondering why Fleshlight didn’t slide in to take advantage of this opportunity first.

So will Bieber take Clone-A-Willy up on their offer? If anything he should be doing it to promote his new album, “Purpose” as Bieber’s very own commercial agent has said. I agree completely with that. I mean I don’t really want to see his dick but the publicity is great. What do you think? What side of the Bieber dildo debate are you on?

What side are you on?

Sadly, I don’t think a Justin Bieber dildo will be stuffed into anyone’s stocking this holiday season. Bieber has already stated that he feels violated by the nude photos and the attention they’ve received. It’s all just wishful thinking ladies. If you want a Bieber for your beaver you may need to wait for the real thing.

We of course can still settle for buying every pair of Calvin Klein underwear because it looks like that trend isn’t going anywhere and that will offer the world more almost naked Bieber. In fact maybe the reason he can’t make a dildo mold is that it will ruin the illusion of his dick that Calvin Klein covers up. Once it’s out there nobody is going to want to buy the underwear.

We might not have any more Justin Bieber dick for you but we do have lots of other dick. Stop by PORN.COM and check out some big dick porn If you fantasize hard enough you might feel like the real Biebs is getting down and dirty.

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